1935 Standard “Companion” Sink with Restored “Waldorf” Trim

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1935 Standard “Companion” Sink with Restored “Waldorf” Trim


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This is an early Standard Companion with a date of 1935.  This design was patented in 1932, but production didn’t really start until the next year.  This sink shows no chips, cracks, or flaws, it’s about as perfect as possible for a sink getting close to 90 years old.  It measures 22″ wide by 18″ front to back.  The faucet features a complete set of Standard’s “Waldorf” trim.  This style wasn’t very common, and we have only run into a few sets in the last 20 years.  It’s been fully restored in the original chrome finish, which was the trendy finish for the early 1930’s.  These could be had with or without legs, we are still looking for the correct set for this sink.  This is probably a wild goose chase, but we are going to try.  One only, Truck Freight only, call or e-mail for a shipping quote today!