1934 Restored Standard “Companion” Wall Hung Sink

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1934 Restored Standard “Companion” Wall Hung Sink


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This is one of the earliest Standard Companion sinks that we’ve ever had. They all have a Patent date of 1932, but this one has has the stamped date of November 1934. We carefully removed the original faucet and restored it in the original Chrome finish. The only new parts on this sink are the Stems/Rubber washers. The sink itself measures 22″ wide by 18″ front to back, and is in incredible shape considering it’s 87 years old. There are no chips or cracks, and the gloss is good. We have not seen a better one.

The faucet does have some unique features. The stems are a slightly smaller than normal size, but if one fails 60 years down the road, they’re still made. Also, the drain operator is retained by a set screw. Later ones used a reverse threaded nut. This early design is a tad sloppy, and we did not see a way of making it tighter…

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