1929 Antique Crane Mauretania Toilet Set in Pale Jade

1929 Antique Crane Mauretania Toilet Set in Pale Jade


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1929 Crane Mauretania toilet in Pale Jade.
Here’s a rare one! This particular toilet is a rear inlet tank, which means that the water is fed into the tank right through the back of the tank. There is no exposed supply line or stop valve. The color is Crane’s Pale Jade, and it does not match the later “Ming green”. Rough in is 14″ and this toilet will require a 4″ waste line. All internal parts will be supplied, colored round front seats are available from Bemis. Condition-wise, there is a small chip on the right rear of the lid, and some deglossing inside the bowl. The finish is interesting, it’s not a glossy finish, but more of an eggshell appearance.

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