1928 “WHC SAN MFG Co” Antique Toilet Bowl

1928 “WHC SAN MFG Co” Antique Toilet Bowl


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The late 1920’s was a period of large grown in the plumbing industry.  Millions of homes were getting indoor plumbing installed (yes, only 100 years ago) and many low volume manufacturers appeared and then quickly disappeared during the Depression.  This toilet bowl was made by a manufacturer that we’ve never heard of.  Embossed on the bottom is a triangle with the name “WHC SAN MFG Co.” and a date of 1928. Several internet searches have revealed nothing about this company.

The bowl itself is a nice, transitional design from the earlier rounded bowls to the more art deco lines of the 1930’s.  As for condition, there is one chip at the bottom rear of the bowl, it’ll be hidden once installed.  Also, there’s a loss of glossiness below the waterline.  That’s really it.  This bowl will HAVE to sit on a 14″ rough-in and a 4″ closet flange (not a 4×3 flange).  It’ll be supplied with a wax ring, bolts, ceramic caps, and a raw brass closet spud.

If finished spud is desired, please purchase below.