1924 Crane “Craco” Antique Rear Inlet Toilet Tank

1924 Crane “Craco” Antique Rear Inlet Toilet Tank


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Rear inlet toilet tanks were somewhat popular during the mid to late 1920’s.  The idea was to hide as much plumbing as possible, so all one saw was porcelain.  This design went out of favor in the early 1930’s probably due to installation difficulties.  This Crane “Craco” tank is an early one, and Crane tanks of this vintage rarely survived.  This one does have some slight crazing on the back of the lid, but that’s really it for condition issues.  This tank is 23 1/4″ wide, 18″ tall, and extends out 9″ from the wall.  Flush valve and flush lever are included in purchase, we can supply a fill valve as an additional charge.  Here’s the important dimension.  For this tank to fit your application, the 3/8″ pipe thread Fill valve inlet MUST be 6 5/16″ to the left of tank centerline.  Yes, these dimensions varied by tank.

Tank outlet is 4 3/4″ from finished wall to centerline of flush valve hole

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