1912 Antique Wall Hung Corner Urinal

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1912 Antique Wall Hung Corner Urinal


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This is both an unique and early urinal.  Corner urinals are quite rare by themselves, but one from 1912 is even more so.  Made of porcelain, this diminutive urinal will have some challenges plumbing it.  Originally, this one was supplied  and drained by hoses.  Rather than having holes to allow a urinal spud to be attached, this one has formed barbed ends for rubber hoses.  This was actually fairly common in the early days of indoor plumbing.

No maker’s name on this urinal, it measures 13 1/2″ tall, and it extends out from the corner 11″.  As for condition, it’s in excellent shape for being 108 years old.  One only, ask for details on reworking the inlet and outlet.