1912 Antique L. Wolff Earthenware Tub

1912 Antique L. Wolff Earthenware Tub


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1912 L. Wolff “Monarch” Corner tub
This monster is made of earthenware.  Keep in mind, the type of tub filler supplied will not meet current codes, so be sure to see your local building department for a historic variance.  This tub was intended to be “striped”, the inside and rim are glazed, but the center section was left unglazed so a stripe matching the color scheme of the room could be applied.  Weight is +/- 2500 lbs, so have that forklift handy.  We’re supplying the original standing waste and filler, replated in Polished Nickel, so this tub comes ready to install (with the help of a crane).   Yes, the room will have to be built around this corner tub!  Tub measures 65” long, is 31” deep and stands 21” tall.  The Bathing well is 59” by 24” and has a maximum depth of 19”.  Earthenware is prone to shrinkage (it’s basically a form of concrete) so the glaze on the tub does have some crackle.  Also, there’s a few “spiders” from impacts over the years and one chip visible as a black “spot” down near the bottom of the tub.  See photos in the gallery.   Right hand drain only!