1911 Antique “WC” Toilet Tank Only

1911 Antique “WC” Toilet Tank Only


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“WC” brand antique toilet tank.  Dated 3-11.  Interestingly enough, the lid is the correct make and shape, but is a brighter shade of white.  No chips or cracks, there are a few factory check marks on the back of the lid.  This tank measures 22 3/4″ wide by 17 1/4″ tall, and extends from the room 8″.  Outlet centerline of tank is 3 1/2″.  If it weren’t for the off-color lid, this would be a $700 tank.  Supplied with all new internal parts, please indicate your choice of finish color in the comments  field.  This tank comes in your choice of Chrome, Polished Nickel, or Coated Brass.