1879 (?) Waterfall Closet Decorated Hightank Toilet Bowl

1879 (?) Waterfall Closet Decorated Hightank Toilet Bowl


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Yes, there’s a question mark in the title.  This bowl doesn’t have a date code, but it does have the numbers “79” embossed in the back of the rim.  Looking at the design of the bowl, it definitely dates to around that time period, so it could mean 1879.  This bowl is probably imported from England, it has both the look and feel of English Porcelain, and the bowl’s outlet is definitely European in design.  This bowl does NOT exit into the floor, it exits out the back, and is attached to the rough plumbing by flexible coupling.  Custom plumbing will definitely be required if you want to use this bowl.  Water inlet is 1 1/4″ diameter tube, common in early hightank applications.  Another sign of a very early toilet bowl is the lack of toilet seat mounts, this bowl was used originally with a “Throne” type seat.  It’s branded “Waterfall Closet” and the decoration could be called Delft blue.

This bowl stands 16″ tall, is 14″ wide, and is 21″ front to back.  As for condition, there is a small repair to the rim of the bowl just above the logo, barely visible (as an upside down V) in a gallery pic.  that’s the only condition issue.