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Exclusive from Galvin Engineering, these Australian fire hose reels will make the perfect addition to any environment where grass or brush fires are a threat.  Why waste precious minutes waiting for the Fire Department to arrive when you can attack the fire quickly BEFORE it spreads?  Protect your property now!

While in Australia, the owner of Bathroom Machineries noticed fire hose reels installed at many R.V. parks and stations throughout the country.  Being a volunteer firefighter himself, he quickly realized the advantages of this apparatus, and also knew that there isn’t anything like these reels in the U.S.  He then went to Galvin Engineering to work out the details of importing these units into the United States.

Made of powdercoated zincalume steel and brass fittings, these fire hose reels are incredibly durable.  Designed to withstand the harsh climate of the Australian Outback, they will survive years outside in the direct sun.  The guide arm is fitted with roller balls to ensure that the hose pulls freely and does not kink.  The hose itself measures 118 feet.  Each reel is supplied with a fitted brass nozzle, (jet type), and a 1” IPS brass shut off valve on the inlet side.  Easy to install, and comes with a full set of instructions.

These fire hose reels come with a 1 year warranty, and conform to AS 1221 standards

As line pressures do vary, the distance these hoses will spray water do change.  Below are some averages;
Gallons per minute, 5, depending on inlet size and pressure.
At 120 PSI, water will be delivered 55 feet
At 80 PSI, 46 feet.
At 55 PSI, 41 feet.
At 40 PSI, 33 feet.

R.V. Parks, Recreation Areas, Campgrounds, Ranches, anywhere where fire danger may exist outside.


Below are some photos taken in Australia showing Fire Hose reels in their native habitat.
Please note, not all photos are of Galvin Engineering reels, these are intended to show installations and other applications

galvin reel
wall reel
galvin reel 1

Shipped via UPS, 50 lbs, 32x32x18 box.
Dimensional drawing available, click here pdf

63-26RE   Fire hose reel  345.00

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