Touch & Flow action is a water conservation breakthrough. The water only runs when hands are under the faucet saving up to 85% of normal water usage.

No handles to touch means more sanitary facilities, which is especially important in restaurants!

Holding hands under faucet
Touch & Flow Faucet

Touch & Flow faucets are cost-effective, less than half the cost of electronic sensor faucets!

Less water flow means lower water bills. Plus, cleaner restrooms mean lower maintenance costs.

Simple, trouble-free design needs only light pressure on lever to start water flow. Heavy-duty materials are vandal resistant: over 70 lbs. of pressure is required to bend stainless steel lever.

Simple installation has no special plumbing requirements in new or replacement applications.

Touch & Flow Faucet and Sink

* Low water flow rates; at 1.2 GPM maximum with internal flow restrictor.
* 3 Temperature control options:

  1. Cold Water Only.
  2. Warm water only operation when connected to water heater set at 100 degrees or lower.
  3. Warm water with under counter mixing valve set to desired temperature. One mixing valve can supply more than one faucet. Use only quality shower control valve with check valves.

Manufactured Exclusively for: DEA Bathroom Machineries, 495 Main St., Murphys, CA 95247

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