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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Toilet Seats

Bathroom Machineries wood seats are more like fine furniture than toilet seats. We hand-select the hardwood slabs ourselves before sending them to a local wood shop that specializes in fine furniture.  The unfinished seats are then hand-finished in our own shop using quality stains selected for their rich colors and luster. The finished seats are then fitted with solid brass hinges with our usual attention to quality and detail. The result is a superior quality seat that will last for many years.
Available in: Sapele Mahogany, Unfinished Cherry, Unfinished Mahogany, Finished Cherry, and Quarter-sawn Oak.  Unfinished seats are fitted and drilled for hinges and seat bumpers but are shipped unassembled.

Seat Sizing: Toilet seats come in just two sizes; “round front”, and “elongated.”
  To determine which size you need, measure from the seat bolt holes to the front of the seat.
Round-front seats measure approximately 17” long, elongated seats approximately 19” long.




Sapele Mahogany

Quarter elong

Quartersawn White Oak

Our seats are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for one year. Defective product must be returned within the 1 year time period.  Moisture damage or chemical damage is not covered by warranty.  We will repair or replace defective seats at our discretion.

Click on the pics for a larger view.  Remember, color settings on your monitor can affect how these seats appear!

Species of Wood

Round-Front Bowl

Elongated Bowl

Finished Sapele Mahogany

76RSF 405.00


Unfinished Sapele Mahogany

76RSUF 305.00


Unfinished Walnut

76RTUF 279.00


Unfinished Cherry

76-RCUF 279.00


Finished Cherry

76-RCF 352.00


Finished Curly Maple

76-RMF 363.00 addtocartmini


Unfinished Curly Maple

76-RMUF 263.00 addtocartmini


Finished Quartersawn Oak

76RQF 411.00

76EQF 441.00

Unfinished Quartersawn Oak

76RQUF 311.00

76EQUF 341.00

“B” grade seats are available in some of our Wood seats.  A “B” grade is a perfectly good seat but will have some sort of blemish or knot in the wood.  Click here for current selection!  10% to 50% off list price!

Note, hinges must be ordered separately.  See Below!

A Note on our Toilet seat Pricing
The volatility of the metals market and the reliability of the hardwood market have forced us to change how we sell our World-Renown toilet seats.  You may now order the seat and lid separate from the hinge.  This will allow the consumer to order new wood to go with their antique hinge, or get a replacement for a damaged part without having to buy the entire unit.


Heavy Brass “Diamond” Toilet Seat Hinge
This is a near exact copy of a 1950’s Chrome plated solid brass seat hinge.  It’s far heavier than those imported hinges (like the one below)  Cast and plated in the USA.  This is the hinge we are using on our 1950’s colored seats.  Two finishes available!
24-DHC Chrome plated hinge 295.00 addtocartmini
24-DHN Nickel plated hinge 295.00 addtocartmini

Solid Brass Toilet Seat Hinge
This is a great replacement for those Zinc seat hinges so widely used today.  Supplied with all you see in the photo.  Three finishes available, can be used on 76-series seats
73-134 Solid brass hinge 43.00
73-134N Nickel plated hinge, 58.00
73-134C Chrome plated hinge 33.00


Solid Wood Round Front Toilet seats
We’ve decided to “clone” some 1950’s vintage toilet seats in 4 popular 1950’s bath colors.  These seats feature chrome plated solid brass “Diamond” hinges (see photo) and the seats are actual Birch wood.  That’s right, no MDF particleboard or plastic here!  This is a limited run, we’ll do more if sales warrant it.  Round front only, pictured seat is Standard’s “Corallyn”.  Also available in Ming Green, Ivorie De Medici, and Citrus Yellow
15-PRS Corallyn pink seat 995.00 addtocartmini
15-GRS Ming Green seat 995.00 addtocartmini
15-IRS Ivorie de Medici seat 995.00 addtocartmini
15-YRS Citrus Yellow seat 995.00 addtocartmini

diamond hinge

White Beadboard MDF Round-Front seat
We were searching for a replacement for our good old white toilet seat, and we discovered this one.  Chrome metal hinge, the MDF is triple-coated for longevity, and the best part of all, the beadboard milling on the lid gives it that vintage appearance.  Round front only, supplied with hinge, two finishes available.
70-392C Seat w/ Chrome hinge 34.99
70-392N Seat w/ Nickel hinge 84.99

392 seat

Mahogany colored Red Oak Round-Front seat
These seats have a high gloss Polyurethane “Piano” finish on them.  The stain used is a mahogany color, but the wood is oak.  The wood itself is both finger jointed and doweled for extra strength.  Round front only, two hinge finishes available.
70-400C Chrome hinge 66.50
70-400BN Brushed Nickel hinge 66.50

Walnut stained Red Oak Round front Toilet seat
The walnut stain on this seat is almost black, but it does show some grain through.  The finish is a high gloss polyurethane “Piano” finish.  Round front only, chrome hinge only.  Wood has been both finger-jointed and doweled for added strength.
70-410C Chrome hinge seat 66.50


Gloss black Round-front MDF Toilet seat
This is a basic Round front toilet seat, but in black.  Hinge is Chrome plated metal.  Click on photo for larger view.
70-396C Black seat w/ Chrome hinge 31.00


Round-Front Mahogany seat w/ Leaf hinge
While on the search for a replacement seat hinge, we had this hinge recast as a sample.  The costs and labor seem to be prohibitive, and we are still trying to figure out how exactly these seats were made 100 years ago.  This seat is Sapele Mahogany, hinge is Polished Nickel on Brass.  Everything is new, but looks like it’s 100 years old.  Click here for a detail photo of the hinge.  If we see some interest, we’ll think about having more cast. One only!
OWS16121 Mahogany seat with nickel leaf hinge.  1295.00 addtocartmini


Quartersawn White Oak seat w/ leaf hinge
We started out to try to completely replicate a round front seat from 1900, and we feel that we have succeeded!  The nickel plated hinge is a copy of a 1900 original, the quartersawn white oak is as close as we can get to the wood of 100 years ago, and we wouldn’t even consider a Phillips screw.  This really is as close as one can get to original.  One only!  Click on either photo for a larger view.
OTS1743 Oak seat SOLD


Rubber Specialty Items

Replacement seat bumpers
With screws for secure fastening

20-319 2 1/2” long x 7/8” wide x 3/8” high
only available in black, each 4.95

Tack bumper
20-20 5/8" diameter,  black, each .89
20-61 5/8” diameter, white, No longer Available

rubber parts new

Door stop bumper
Fits old door stops made of hard white rubber
20-202 5/8" outside  diameter, 7/16" high, white 1.50   
Seat hinge washer, each
20-327 Flat white washer  for bowls with flat surface at hinge bolt hole  1.75 
20-350 Half round white  washer for rounded recessed hinge bolt hole  3.50 


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