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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Gaylan Toilet Repair

After we started to get several requests a week here at Bathroom Machineries for Gaylan parts, and the lack of anyone answering the telephone or responding to e-mails at Gaylan, we’ve decided to build this page to help out the many people stranded by the lack of parts available for their toilet.  While none of the below parts were made by Gaylan, and we are in no way associated with Gaylan the company, they will work on your Gaylan toilet!

Fill Tube
Corresponds to Gaylan #RM821577, overall length 70”, with 4 1/2” offset on one end, 2 1/4” offset on other end. Can be cut down to fit.
02-163GL 1/2” Fill Tube Coated Brass 199.00 reserve
02-163GC 1/2” Fill Tube chrome, 225.00 reserve
02-163GN 1/2” Fill Tube, Nickel 225.00 reserve

1 1/2” Straight Flush Tube
Somewhat corresponding to Gaylan #RM822577, our tube is straight rather than the double offset Gaylan version.  Cut to fit, will work as long as the outlet of the tank and the inlet on your bowl are the same distance from the wall.
02-162C Chrome flush tube 259.00 reserve
02-162L Laq. Brass flush tube 239.00 reserve
02-162N Nickel flush tube 259.00 reserve

1 1/2” Double offset Flush Tube
Here’s the match to your original Gaylan Tube.  6’ long, can be cut down to a minimum of 50”.  Offsets are 3 1/2” on both sides.  Coated or Uncoated Brass only.
76-GYLNL Coated brass double offset tube 265.00  reserve
76-GYLNB Uncoated brass double offset tube 245.00 reserve






2X1 1/2” Spud Reducer
Replaces Gaylan parts RM801515 nut, RM801339 nut, and corresponding washers.  Gaylan used a 2 x 1 1/2” reducing nut with a large flat washer.  This tended to leak, and can be replaced by the below Spud Reducer.



Coated Brass


01-303 2” x 11/2”
Spud Reducer





Original Style Gaylan 2 x 1 1/2” Reducing Nut and Washer
This is the method Gaylan used to connect the Flush Tube to the flush valve, it’s located at the bottom of the tank.  We aren’t terribly fond of this method as it tends to leak, but for those of you who have to have it, here it is!
51-20015 washer only 5.00 addtocartmini
51-150WC Chrome Nut and Washer 20.00 addtocartmini
51-150WL Coated Brass Nut and washer 35.00 addtocartmini

Oak Close Coupled Tank Conversion Parts
Red Oak Cover plate only, measures 8” wide by 6 1/4” deep and is 1” tall.  Roughly corresponds to Gaylan part # SB825501  US made.  Only fits the below 15-150 sealing plate.
15-501F Finished Oak, 120.00 reserve
15-501UF  Unfinished Oak, 95.00 reserve
Plastic Sealing plate, supplied with flush pipe adapter, 3 brass connecting bolts, sealing washer, and coated brass 1 1/2” slip-joint nut and washer.  Measures 6 3/4” wide by 5 1/4” deep.  Corresponds to Gaylan part # SB825150.  Note; Gaylan did make other sizes, check your dimensions against the above listed ones
15-150 Sealing plate  59.95 reserve

Sealing washer, designed for conversions. Similar to Gaylan part # RM823622
94-56507  5.95 reserve

15-150 plate
pro45 new

Professional Grade Fluidmaster 400A Ballcock
This replaces the Coast foundry ballcock used by Gaylan.  The nice thing about these ballcocks is the brass shank extending down through the tank.  On hightanks, this eliminates the unsightly plastic shank extending below the tank.  Valve supplied with plastic nuts. These are the best on the market!
05-PRO45P ballcock, brass shank,  plastic nuts 32.00 reserve

94-135 new

Douglas Style Brass Flush Valve
Replace the plastic flush valve in your Gaylan toilet with this! These flush valves have a longer-than-normal 1 3/4” shank on them and are intended for use in low tank toilets, not close coupled.  Supplied with tank ball, washer, guide, and upper and lower lift wires.  2” Locknut is raw (unpolished) brass.
94-135R Douglas flush valve, brass  53.00 reserve

Tank Liner for Gaylan Wood high tanks
Now available, polyethylene liner so  you can do your own high tank repairs. Dimensions are 16 1/2” wide, 7 7/8” deep, and 9 1/2” tall.  Your tank must  be at least this size inside.  Liner is NOT drilled, and can be worked with hole saws.  US made
76Liner Tank liner  49.00  reserve  madeusa1


Rocker Arm Assembly
Corresponds to Gaylan # RM801539.  While ours does not look anything like the Gaylan version, it does the job better.  No need for springs, or other klutzy hinge pins.  Tank must be between 9-10” wide.

Solid brass high tank flush lever & bracket. 10” bracket has multiple pivot points to fit any wood high tank.  12-1/4” arm is weighted to counterbalance chain and pull.


Polished Chrome

Lacquered Pol. Brass

Polished Nickel

79-S183 Flush lever.




Add some Style and Class to your Gaylan Toilet with these Porcelain Pull Knobs
Replaces Gaylan part # RM801544

Pull Knobs
Porcelain  Knob
03-34C Chrome pull 80.00 reserve
03-34N Nickel pull 88.00 reserve
03-24L Coated brass pull 75.00 reserve

Pull Chain Guide
Use this guide to hold knob and chain  to prevent knob from swinging. (Pictured knob discontinued by manufacturer)
15-GUIDEL Polished coated brass  129.00 reserve
15-GUIDEN Nickel  179.00 reserve   
Chains for guides and pulls sold separately on our
Flush levers and pulls page


Click here for tips on repairing your Gaylan Toilet


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