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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Flush Valves

94-135 new

Douglas Style Brass Flush Valve
These flush valves have a longer-than-normal 1 3/4” shank on them and are intended for use in low tank toilets, not close coupled.  Supplied with tank ball, washer, guide, and upper and lower lift wires.  2” Locknut is raw (unpolished) brass, finished nuts in Nickel and Polished brass are sold separately below.
94-135R Douglas flush valve, brass shank (pictured)
53.00 addtocartmini
94-135S Douglas flush valve, silver shank (not pictured) for use in exposed applications when nickel or chrome trim is desired.  73.00 addtocartmini

Finished Locknut for above Flush Valve
2” pipe thread locknut for flush valves, fits our 94-135, may fit others.
94-NUTN Polished Nickel locknut 20.00 addtocartmini
94-NUTL Coated Brass locknut 15.00 addtocartmini
94-NUTB Uncoated brass locknut 14.00 addtocartmini
94-NUTC Chrome locknut  30.00 addtocartmini

94 nut

Mansfield 211 Flush Valve
Intended for close coupled applications, these valves are an excellent replacement for the flimsy valves supplied in many new toilets.  Also, these valves are often found in the Mansfield-made Ifo Cascade.
40-211C Mansfield flush valve 26.95 addtocartmini

Reduced Shank Douglas Style Flush Valve
This flush valve is intended for use in original wood high tanks where the outlet in the tank is smaller than normal.  The shank is 1 1/2” pipe thread and valve fits through hole with a minimum diameter of 1 7/8”.  Supplied with either a 1 1/2” nut for 1 1/2” flush tubes, or a reducing nut for 1 1/4” flush tubes.  This flush valve is NOT intended for use with low tank toilets
24-FV4B Uncoated brass, 1 1/4” outlet 135.00 addtocartmini
24-FV4L Coated Brass, 1 1/4” outlet 135.00 addtocartmini
24-FV4N Polished Nickel 1 1/4” outlet 160.00 addtocartmini

24-FV2B Uncoated Brass, 1 1/2” outlet 135.00 addtocartmini
24-FV2L Coated Brass, 1 1/2” outlet 135.00 addtocartmini
24-FV2N Polished Nickel, 1 1/2” outlet 160.00 addtocartmini


#50 Curtain Flush Valve
This valve was used in the 1930’s through the mid 1950’s in Lowboy (one piece toilet) applications only.  Not for use in low tank or close coupled toilets.  All Brass and Copper.
65-50 Curtain Flush Valve 145.00  addtocartmini

#2 Curtin Flush Valve Gasket
This gasket was used in both the above #50 flush valve and also in the regular low tank Curtin “Victory” flush valve.  It measures 2 7/8” O.D.  These were found in toilets dating to the 1920’s and 1930’s.
90-418 Valve gasket 6.50 addtocartmini


#4 American Standard Lowboy Flush Valve
These flush valves are found in only American Standard lowboy (one piece) toilets made from the late 1950’s up to the early 1970’s.  Will not fit in other applications, only lowboy.  Flush disk available as a separate part, see below.
65-4 AmStd. Flush Valve  45.00 addtocartmini

American Standard Flush Disk
Used in many American Standard applications during the late ‘50’s through the early 1970’s, and can be found in both Lowboy and close coupled applications.
86-7523 Flush disk 3.00 addtocartmini


Case 5129 Flush Valve
This fits many different Case Lowboy toilets made from the mid 1930’s up to the mid 1950’s.  It’ll attach to Case model “A”, 1000, 1100, 3000, 3200, 4200, 4300, 6000, 6001, 6002, 6011, 6012, and 6014.  If your Case toilet is any of the above model numbers, this will work.
65-5129 Case flush valve 89.99 addtocartmini
Need to just replace the float ball?  See below.
65-SP69 Case float ball 6.00 addtocartmini

Flush Valve Gasket only
Replacement beveled gasket for our 94-135 flush valve and many other flush valves with a outside diameter of 2 3/8”.  Also fits Maddox spuds
15-FVG Gasket 3.80 addtocartmini

feather washer

Feather Washer for Cast Iron Syphon-type flush valves
This washer is intended for use on pre-1910 cast iron flush valves used in hightank applications  If you have a rusty metal valve that’s shaped like a squished “S”, this may be the washer for you..  This washer measures 3 1/16” OD, and 1 7/8” ID.  Be sure to check your dimensions against these are there were different sizes of the feather washers. Pen sold separately!
FWASHER  Feather washer  9.95 addtocartmini

Tankball and lift wires
Once the standard, these are getting hard to find. Premium tankball fits all 2” flush valves and our 24-FV flush valves.  Replace bent and corroded lift wires and guides to restore smooth operation.
94-51157 Premium Orange Tank ball 4.95 addtocartmini
05-LW Upper and Lower Lift Wire set.  3.95 addtocartmini
05-GUIDE Universal adjustable wire guide.  4.95

orange guide

Flat Flush Valve washer f/ Special Applications
This washer is used in extra-thick tanks, (occasionally porcelain, but more commonly Wood) where the flush valve does not extend far enough through the tank to allow both a locknut and slip-joint nut to attach.  It has an O.D. of 3 3/16” and an I.D. of 2 1/4”.
62G18 1/8” thick washer 6.95 addtocartmini


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