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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Seat Bumpers and Pipe Supports


Seat Bumpers & Flush Pipe Supports
A practical, attractive way to keep  the toilet seat from denting your high tank flush tube.  Keeps pipes aligned to prevent leakage. Distance from  wall to centerline of pipe is adjustable from 2 1/4" to 4".  Intended for 1 1/2” diameter hightank tubes.  Longer rods available on Special order basis only.
1 1/2"  Inside diameter
Brushed Nickel 75.00      reserve
24-397L Coated Brass 75.00    reserve
24-397C Chrome 50.00    reserve       
24-397N Nickel 65.00  reserve              

1  1/4" Inside diameter
Used for 1 1/4” diameter hightank flush tubes

24-98BN Brushed Nickel 51.00  reserve
24-98L Coated  Brass 46.00  reserve
24-98C Chrome 48.00   reserve           
24-98N Nickel 53.00  reserve  


General Purpose Pipe/Tubing Hangars
Clamps are listed smallest to biggest


1/2” Inside Diameter Ring Clamp
Used when support is needed for supply lines.  3/8” x 24 thread will accept our rods.  Will not slide down on offset fill tubes.
24-12SRL Coated brass ring 16.00 reserve
24-12SRN Nickel plate ring 18.00 reserve

5/8”Inside Diameter Ring Clamp
Can be used to support 1/2” copper or 3/8” pipe, also used for shower riser supports.  Must be slid on during installation.  3/8” x 24 thread will accept our rods
79-M118L Coated Brass ring 7.00 reserve
79-M118C Chrome ring 7.00 reserve
79-M118N Nickel ring 8.00 reserve


3/4” inside Diameter Split Clamp
Can be used when additional support is needed for 77 series “D” rings or other curtain rods with an OD of 3/4”.  Oddball internal thread, supplied with 1/8” pipe female adapter.
79-P08-1L Coated Brass clamp 12.00 reserve
79-P08-1C Chrome clamp 12.00 reserve
79-P08-1N Nickel clamp 12.00 reserve

1/2” Pipe Split Clamp
27/32” ID, intended for supporting 1/2” pipe when exposed and also the larger 1/2” pipe shower risers found on the heavier duty clawfoot tub valves.  Will fit on our 3/8” x 24 thread rods.
24-S200L Coated brass 1/2” pipe clamp 14.00 reserve
24-S200C Chrome 1/2” pipe clamp  40.00 reserve
24-S200N Nickel 1/2” pipe clamp 50.00 reserve


1” Inside Diameter Split Clamp
Used wherever one may want to support 1” O.D. tubing.  Will fit our 3/8” x 24 thread rods.
24-S199L Coated Brass 1” clamp 14.00 reserve
24-S199C Chrome 1” clamp 14.00 reserve
24-S199N Nickel 1” clamp 16.00 reserve

1 1/4” Inside Diameter Split Clamp
Intended for use with Flush tubes.  Will fit our 3/8” x 24 thread rods
24-S198L Coated brass 1 1/4 clamp 18.00 reserve
24-S198C Chrome 1 1/4” clamp 18.00 reserve
24-S198N Nickel 1 1/4” clamp 20.00 reserve


3/8” Diameter Solid Rod for Supports
Made in U.S., threaded 3/8” x 24 on one side, other end smooth for flange.  Available in 4”, 12” and 24”, can be cut with hacksaw.
24-S2024L Coated brass 4” long rod 10.00 reserve
24-S2024C Chrome 4” long rod 16.00 reserve
24-S2024N Nickel 4” long rod 16.00 reserve

24-S20212L Coated brass 12” long rod 16.00 reserve
24-S20212C Chrome 12” long rod 25.00 reserve
24-S20212N Nickel 12” long rod 25.00 reserve

24-S20224L Coated brass 24” long rod 26.00 reserve
24-S20224C Chrome 24” long rod 38.00 reserve
24-S20224N Nickel 24” long rod 38.00 reserve

Please note, these rods will NOT work with the 3/4” inside diameter clamp, the 7/8” inside diameter clamp, or the 24-397 pipe support

38 rods

Set Screw Flange for 3/8” Diameter Rods
U.S. made, outside diameter of flange is 2 3/8”, supplied with screws.
24-S201L  Coated brass set screw flange 18.00 reserve
24-S201C Chrome set screw flange 24.00 reserve
24-S201N Nickel set screw flange 26.00 reserve

Seat Bumper Rubber Button
Replacement button for our 24-98 toilet seat bumpers.  8/32 male thread, 7/16” O.D.
24-SB Screw in button  1.50 each reserve


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