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Thomas Crapper Installation Hints

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The Thomas Crapper “Venerable” bowl is a floor mount, rear outlet toilet that is intended for European plumbing rough in requirements.  Here at Bathroom Machineries, we’ve spent quite a bit of time engineering ways of attaching the bowl to American specifications.  One note, this bowl

tc bowl

will not fit the “Standard” 12” rough in that 90% off all American toilets use.  This toilet will require around a  4” rough in the floor, or  pipe stubbed out of the wall at 7 1/2” above finished surface of floor.  There are several installation options for this bowl.  We’ll go through them below.

Rear discharge option “A”

Certainly not the prettiest option, but very functional.  Use a 3x3 flexible coupler (Part# 05-301115, $11.95 reserve) to connect 3” ABS or PVC DWV pipe to the china toilet outlet .  The waste pipe’s centerline must be at 7 1/2” above the finished floor surface and it must conform to state and local codes.  Be sure fall is allowed for, at a minimum of 1/4” per foot.  Note, the installer has to stretch the rubber coupler over the china outlet, and this can be a struggle.

tc rear a
tc rear a detail

Finished Installation

Rear Discharge option “B”

tcrear b

This option uses the Thomas Crapper ceramic sleeve wall attachment #37-526 for $210.00.  In order to adapt the porcelain tube, you must use an eccentric connector, (Ifo part # 40-99636, $40.70) to connect 4” ABS or PVC DWV pipe.  Often, the drop will be moved further back in wall.  Be sure that your state and local codes will allow flexible fittings in-wall.  Also, the porcelain extension tube is attached to the toilet bowl using silicone.  This

tc rear detail b

installation will look better, but is less foolproof.  The Ifo eccentric connector will allow 1/2” of movement if the waste line is not perfectly aligned.  Finished installation is at right.

37-526 Ceramic sleeve 210.00 reserve
40-99636 Eccentric connector 40.70 reserve

Rear discharge option “C”

This is certainly the easiest option for the plumber.  Using either 4” ABS or PVC DWV pipe, simply stub the pipe out of the wall at 7 1/2” above finished floor, and silicone glue the porcelain outlet into the pipe.  Be sure to allow 1/4” fall in a 1 foot run.

tc rear c

All of the above installation options require the toilet be screwed to the floor with the toilet seat bolt holes being no less that 6 1/2” to no more than 8” away from the finished wall surface.  Anything less than 6 1/2” and the flush tube will not attach to the bowl.  Overall length to front of bowl will be between 23 1/2” to 25”.

Be sure to check with your local building department before installing these toilets using flexible couplers in-wall.  Many municipalities do not allow this.  Be sure to conform to all state and local building codes.

Floor discharge option “A”

tc floor a

This option uses the Thomas Crapper porcelain elbow, (part #37-530, $225.00) and a rubber hub adapter (part # 40-99621) to connect the toilet to a 4” ABS or PVC Schedule 40 DWV hub fitting.  The rubber adapter will be at floor level.  Requires a minimum of 4 1/2” from finished wall to centerline of 4” pipe.  The elbow is silicone glued onto the toilet outlet.  Thomas Crapper Throne seats may not work with this style of installation.

Be sure to check your local building departments in regards to the installation of flexible rubber connectors in a waste line.

37-530 Porcelain elbow 225.00 reserve
40-99621 Rubber connector N/A

tc floor b

Floor discharge option “B”

While not quite as pretty as the Crapper porcelain version above,  this does work reasonably well.  Using rubber seals between the toilet outlet and the elbow, these will need to be siliconed in.  Also, the elbow will need to be siliconed into a 4” ABS or PVC Schedule 40 waste hub.  Pipe hub will need to be flush with finished floor on a minimum of 3 1/2” from finished wall to centerline of waste pipe.  Elbow is plastic.
40-96502 Elbow 39.00 reserve

We highly recommend having all the toilet parts in front of the installing plumber before doing any rough work.  All of the above tips will require some creative plumbing.  If you are planning on using a throne seat, you must have the toilet at your location before installing the rough plumbing as the seat determines the location of the toilet.  Throne seats bolt to wall and the bowl must be exactly centered under the seat.

  We cannot stress this enough; be sure to check with your local building department to be sure that these “creative” solutions will conform to your state and local building codes before you decide to purchase.  Also, be sure your plumber is willing and able to do installations as described above.

Thomas Crapper and Company LTD. is a registered trademark of the
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