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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Kitchen and Utility Sinks

crab sideboard

Sideboard Kitchen Cast Iron Sink
Made by the same good folks that reproduce our clawfoot tubs, this sideboard has been a long time coming.  This is a close copy of a 1920’s original, with some modern improvements.  The basin is deeper than the originals, now 9 1/2” deep.  The sink measures 5’ long, 20” wide with a 12” high backsplash.  The basin is 17” by 24” and will accept modern kitchen sink drains.  Wall mount faucet centers are 8” and sink can be sold with or without legs.

crab leg detail

Freight included in the price, delivery to your doorstep in the 48 lower states.  Sinks weigh 418 lbs. without legs. Click here for Spec sheet
79P812 Sideboard sink w/o legs 2720.00 addtocartmini
79P814 Sideboard sink with legs 3040.00 addtocartmini

Have lots of help when mounting this sink.  It took 4 of us to do it, and three of us are pretty large.  These sinks weigh alot more than a tub

sideboard sink

Wallmount Cast Iron Sideboard Sink
Here’s a reproduction of one of our more popular kitchen sinks.  It measures 42” long, 21” front to back, and is 16” tall.  Faucet centers are 8” wall mount.  Sink will accept modern drain assemblies.  Bright, modern white.  Truck freight only!
38-8001 Sideboard sink 1450.00 addtocartmini

Click here to check out our selection of antique Kitchen sinks

Classic Style China Utility Sink
    Unusual sink has the soft rolled edge look of the 1920’s and stands on it’s own cast iron P-trap.
   Stands 26” at top of backsplash, front rim is 21” above floor. Extra deep 11” sink is 21” wide x 19” front-to-back.  Installs on 3” pipe on 14” rough-in. Includes chrome drain and cast iron leg / trap.
79-V2901K Classic China Utility Sink was $625.00
 ON SALE $437.50  addtocartmini


Decorative Freestanding Mop sink
Here’s something different!  This is a mop sink that stands only 24” tall”.  This sink is solid porcelain, and it is 18” wide and will extend from the wall 15”.  The sink is supplied with a chrome drain assembly that has an outlet of 2” pipe thread.  Like many lavatory sinks, this one has an overflow chamber to prevent accidental flooding.  Neat sink!
59-8502 Mop sink 195.00 addtocartmini

Pedestal Mop Sink
Made of china, and pretty unique, this mop sink stands only 27” tall.  Intended for high end commercial, we believe it could be used in other applications if one is creative.  This sink is 21 3/4” wide by 18 1/2” front to back, and it does have an overflow.  Supplied with a chrome drain.  Truck Freight only!
59-8509 Pedestal mop sink 249.00 addtocartmini


Freestanding China Mop sink
Imagine the possibilities...  This sink stands only 20 1/2” tall, and is 16” wide by 15” front to back.  Set it on a low cabinet and make a lavatory sink out of it.  This sink is supplied with a chrome 2” IPS drain assembly, and does have an overflow.  Intended for commercial applications, it was just too cute to pass up....
59-8507 mop sink 195.00 addtocartmini


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