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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Shower Curtains & Curtain Pins

The below curtains are designed for clawfoot tubs!  They measures 168” x 72”, and have 36 grommets.  They are perfect for that oversized tub or Oval shaped curtain rod.  USA made! 


168”x72” White heavy vinyl Curtain, 36 grommets




168”x72” Frosted heavy Vinyl Curtain, 36 grommets



The “Traveler” Shower Curtain
Nylon Curtains: 200 denier Oxford weave nylon curtains are Teflon treated to repel water. Fully weighted anti-fungus, rot resistant bottom.  Triple sewn button hole-type curtain pin holes. Machine washable. Bacteria and mildew resistant.
(not “mildew-proof”.)  Selected ones 50% off, Closeout pricing!
Nylon Curtains:
Width by Height
72” wide x 108” tall White, 12 holes was 79.95 Now 39.98 addtocartmini
More Orphan and Closeout curtains
DI1441 72” wide by 84” tall Frosted vinyl, Was 42.00, Now 19.50 addtocartmini
DI1442 72” wide by 96” tall Frosted vinyl, Was 55.00, Now 24.50 addtocartmini
DI1745 216” wide by 72” tall Frosted Vinyl was 92.00, Now $46.00 addtocartmini
DI1781 72” wide by 108” tall White Vinyl was 80.00, Now 35.00 addtocartmini
DI1782 72” wide by 96” tall White vinyl was 72.00, Now 26.00 addtocartmini

Shower Curtain Pins


Roller Ball Curtain Pins
Heavy duty roller ball curtain pins make it easy to move your heavy shower curtains. Work great on lighter curtains too. Roller balls and pins are highly polished, the best on the market. Balls are held securely in place and cannot slide down the hook.
1-1/2” Roller Ball Curtain Pins (fit 7/8” to 1” curtain rods)
640112 Pol. nickel Roller Pin set of 12 15.50  addtocartmini
640212 Pol. brass Roller Pin  set of 12 15.50 addtocartmini
640312 Gray Roller Pin set of 12 10.00 addtocartmini

2” Roller Ball Curtain Pins (Fit 1-1/4” to 1-1/2” curtain rods.)
6404   Set of 12-  2” roller ball curtain pins, Nickel   19.95   addtocartmini                 
6405  Set of 12-  2” roller ball curtain pins, electroplate brass  19.95  addtocartmini

Standard Wire Curtain Pins
Special 12 pin set for oversize curtains.  Note; Will need 3 sets for above clawfoot curtains       79-23-12B Polished Brass (lacquered) Closeout was 12.00 now 7.00 addtocartmini           


S-Type Ball End Curtain Pins
S-type pins work on any 3/4” to 1” O.D. shower rod, including our obstruction-free shower rings. Sold in sets of 12.  Closeout priced!
Chrome ball end pins. Discontinued
Brass plated ball end pins Discontinued
61-57SC Satin chrome ball end pins. 8.00 addtocartmini

Decor-Style S-Curtain Pins
Add a touch of decorator style to your bath. S-type pins work on any 3 /4” to 1” O.D. shower rod, including our obstruction-free shower rings.  Sold in sets of 12.  Closeout priced!
Chrome faucet handle S-hook. 5.00 addtocartmini
61-31C   Chrome star S-hook  Was 12.95, 8.00 addtocartmini
61-29BC Chrome with Sm. brass ball Sold Out, NLA


Clear Plastic Pins
Heavy clear plastic pins are designed to work with our “Bathroom Machineries” obstruction-free shower ring but work well on any shower rod up to 1” O.D.  Question mark-shaped design slides past J-hook supports without hanging up. Two mounts for both a curtain and a liner.  All will have minor air bubbles trapped in the plastic.
74-11912P Heavy Clear Plastic 7.95, set of 12.   addtocartmini               

Deluxe Heavy Duty S-hook Curtain Pins
Designed to work with our Ultimate II line of curtain rods but will work well with any 1” O.D. rod. Especially well suited for heavy cloth curtains that might open or bend lighter hooks.  These cost a little more but will never break or bend. Quite possibly the last curtain pins you’ll ever need to buy! Solid 1/4” brass.
67-944B Brass 7.50 ea.  addtocartmini                       
67-944N Nickel  19.50 ea.  addtocartmini 


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