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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Shower Rod Parts and Mounting Hardware

Adjustable Ceiling or Wall Flanges
These new adjustable flanges are welcome problem solvers for shower rod & ring installations in rooms with sloped walls or ceilings or where the tub is at an odd angle to the nearest supporting wall. Available in three tubing sizes and includes screws.

For 1” O.D. Curtain Rods. (internal grip.)
28-1881C Chrome Plated   36.00  reserve      
28-1882L Brass, lacquered   35.00  reserve
28-1883N Polished Nickel 36.00 reserve
28-1884BN Brushed Nickel 46.00 reserve
For 5/8” O.D. Tube (fits 77 series supports except 77-340-36 and 77-340-48)
  Chrome plated   36.00  reserve  
28-1882AL  Brass, lacquered   35.00 reserve
28-1883AN Polished nickel 36.00 reserve
28-1884ABN Brushed Nickel 46.00 reserve
For 1/2” O.D. Tube (Fits J-hook supports)
  Chrome plated   36.00  reserve
28-1882DL   Brass, lacquered   35.00 reserve
28-1883DN Polished nickel 36.00 reserve
28-1884DBN Brushed Nickel 46.00 reserve


Round  Flange  (1)
Round heavy die cast curtain rod flanges with set and  wood screws. Use with 1" diameter straight rods. 2 1/4"  diameter. One pair to box.
77-310C Chrome, pair was 8.00 Now 5.00 reserve
Brass plated,  pair 15.00 reserve
Heavy solid cast brass for 1" rod.  (2)
One pair to box

Chrome 44.00   reserve             
79-GB282L Brass, coated,  44.00 reserve  
5/8" ID x 2 1/4" OD flanges for 77 Series ceiling supports. (3)
Chrome plated, each 9.60  reserve 
77-FL Brass, each 11.00  reserve   
1/2” ID x 2-1/4” OD solid brass flanges (4)
Chrome 16.00 each  reserve
79-P08EL  Ctd. Brass  16.00, each reserve
79-P08EN Pol. Nickel 16.00, each reserve

Rectangular  Flange
Rectangular curtain rod flanges with set and wood screws.
  Used with 77-121 corner rod. 2" x 5". One pair to bag.  SALE PRICE
Chrome, was 16.00,
now 10.00 reserve
77-300L Brass plated, was 25.00,
 now  15.00 reserve

Heavy solid cast brass. 2" x 4 1/2". One pair to bag.
Chrome 66.00 reserve
79-P71L Brass, ctd, 66.00 reserve

Misc. Shower Rod Mounting Hardware

D Rod Loop Connector 331

D Rod Loop
Slips into 1" O.D. tubing. Eyeloop fits over 1" O.D. tubing.
77-331C Chrome 9.00       reserve 
77-331L Brass plated 12.00  reserve
Same as above, Heavy solid cast brass.
79-P70C Chrome plated 30.00  reserve
79-P70L Coated Brass  30.00 reserve
79-P70N Polished Nickel 30.00 reserve
79-P70BN Brushed Nickel 36.00 reserve


Double Loop
 Solid brass construction.  One loop to slip over 7/8" O.D. tubing, other side 1/2" IPS (27/32" OD) riser or shower  arm.  Split clamp style. Discontinued by Manufacturer
Brass, Pol. & Lac. 35.00  reserve

3/8" IPS, 5/8" O.D. riser x 1" OD
79-P399L Coated Brass 19.00  reserve
79-P399C Chrome 19.00           reserve     
79-P399N Polished Nickel 19.00   reserve
79-P399BN Brushed Nickel 26.00 reserve

wall tee

Ceiling Support Tee
Use for attaching additional ceiling supports (77-350)  to the 77-150 shower ring. Ring must be cut to install.
77-CTL Brass plated 21.00     reserve  
77-CTC Chrome plated 12.00 reserve
Wall support tee with 5/8" riser hole .
77-WTL Brass plated 21.00   reserve  
77-WTC Chrome plated 12.00 reserve
77-series fittings use 77-series threaded wall and ceiling support tubes.

Plastic Insert Fitting and Extension
Use for extending one inch diameter shower rods. We cut extension rods to your specifications  up to five feet.
77-17C Chrome, per foot 13.00  reserve
77-17L Brass, per foot 16.00      reserve
77-IN Insert only 6.00     


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