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Unique Antiques

Unique and interesting items gathered in our travels

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Original Calaveras County Ore Cart
Made by the Globe Iron Works in Sacramento, CA, This ore cart spent most of it’s life in a mine near Sheep Ranch, CA.  It was salvaged sometime in the 1970’s and then spent it’s days basking in the sunshine on display in front of a local residence.  New owners bought the home, the ore cart had to go, and it wound up here.  The cart still has it’s brass builder’s plate, click here for a photo.  The cart measures 4 feet long, it’s 28” wide, and stands 39” tall.  Supplied with extremely rusty rails.  Truck freight only, as this is in excess of 900 pounds.
OC1621 Ore Cart SOLD


Child's Wooden Bathtub
Judging from the style of construction, this tub probably dates to the 1880’s.  Mounted on Hand carved rollers, we got this tub in Wyoming.  The shelf lifts off to help extract uncooperative child.  Measures 25” long, by 17” wide and stands 20” tall.  We’ve not seen another like it!
OBT12106 Tub 725.00 addtocartmini

Circa 1850 Bidet. RARE!
   This classic is 21” long,  13” wide, and stands 17” tall on hand-cut original finish legs. The top part of the fixture shows signs of some repair work to one leg mount but appears to be the original finish. The bidet basin has been powdercoat refinished like new.
  This rare piece is a valuable antique in its own right and the perfect accent piece for the classic bath.
OBD0501 Classic Bidet 895.00  addtocartmini

Ivanhoe s

Perfection Oil Stove
“Ivanhoe” #162 model, never been out of the crate!  Moderate rust on bottom, perfect candidate for restoration.  Why try to deal with worn out mechanisms when you can have one that’s not been used!  Crate measures 34”x17”x20”.  Sold AS-IS!


“Ribcage” Shower

This ribcage shower is actually a movie prop.  It was built to imitate a functioning shower, complete to side showerheads


functioning wet-ribs, and top spray.  This shower was actually used in the movie “Anaconda”, then it was sold to a club in Las Vegas.  Eventually, it wound up here.   Here’s the deal...  There is no mixing valve on this movie prop.  It is made out of silver spray-painted steel pipe and is fed water by two garden hoses.  Perfect for an outdoor shower... Or, if you’re the one out there who believes that “Anaconda” was gypped out of an Oscar, this is for you!

Anaconda shower  1995.00 addtocartmini

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