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Original Tubs

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Classic Original Tubs and Baths


1909 “Standard Manufacturing” 6’ Oak rim tub w/ Dolphin feet
That’s right, this baby is the ultra-rare 6 foot long clawfoot tub.  It has been re-finished in an“old-white” polyurethane and the dolphin feet have been sand-blasted and painted silver.  This tub will accept any 3 3/8” tub filler and clawfoot waste and overflow..  The Oak rim has been recreated out of Red Oak by local craftsmen.  Overall dimensions are 71” long by 28 1/2” wide.  Truck freight only, call 800-255-4426 for a shipping quote!
OT1612 Oak rim tub 8995.00 addtocartmini

Wtub side

1912 L. Wolff “Monarch” Corner tub
This monster is made of earthenware.  Keep in mind, the type of tub filler supplied will not meet current codes, so be sure to see your local building department for a historic variance.  This tub was intended to be “striped”, the inside and rim are glazed, but the center section was left unglazed so a stripe matching the color scheme of the room could be applied.  Weight is +/- 2500 lbs, so have that forklift handy.  We’re supplying the original standing waste and filler, replated in Polished Nickel, so this tub comes ready to install (with the help of a crane).  Click here for an end view showing the drain and filler

wolff tub

Here it is pictured in a 1910 L. Wolff catalog.  Yes, the room will have to be built around this corner tub!
Tub measures 65” long, is 31” deep and stands 21” tall.  The Bathing well is 59” by 24” and has a maximum depth of 19”
Earthenware is prone to shrinkage (it’s basically a form of concrete) so the glaze on the tub does have some crackle.  Also, there’s a few “spiders” from impacts over the years and one chip visible as a black “spot” down near the bottom of the tub.
WolffTubR  Right hand Drain,  $4500.00 addtocartmini

Child's Wooden Bathtub
Judging from the style of construction, this tub probably dates to the 1880’s.  Mounted on Hand carved rollers, we got this tub in Wyoming.  The shelf lifts off to help extract uncooperative child.  Measures 25” long, by 17” wide and stands 20” tall.  We’ve not seen another like it!
OBT12106 Tub 725.00 addtocartmini


1927 Washington Pottery Deco Styled Corner tub
Here we have a Left hand drain Cast iron corner tub from 1927.  Considering the tub is 90 years old, it’s in fairly decent shape.  It does have several chips around the edge (none go through down to the metal),  some etching on the rim and deglossing on the floor of the tub.  None of the condition issues were bad enough to warrant refinishing, but they are there.  This is the more common 60” long by 31 1/2” wide version.  We can never keep corner tubs in stock, give us a call today to get a freight quote!
OT1741 Washington Pottery corner tub SOLD


Circa 1925 Clawfoot Tub Seat w/ Quartersawn White Oak rest
Fully restored, and ready to go!  This seat is adjustable in width, and fits just about any clawfoot tub.  We had the metal sides replated in the original chrome, and then refinished the quartersawn seat.  We also replaced the rubber cushions that protect the tub sides from getting scratched.  These are extremely rare, and this is the first one we’ve had in 11 years.  The maximum width of this seat is 29 1/4”, minimum width is 25 1/4”, and the seat itself is 18” wide by 6 1/2” front to back.  They do not come better!
OT1581 Restored antique tub seat 495.00 addtocartmini


1924 Standard “Pembroke” 66” Left Hand drain Alcove tub
This tub is in great shape considering it’s age of 93 years.  It’s a left hand drain, 5’6” tub intended to be tiled in on three sides.  Width is 30”, and this tub will accept modern waste and overflow assemblies.  There is some deglossing on the floor of the tub and on the lip as well, but that’s really it for condition issues.  E-mail or call for a shipping quote today!
OT1783 Standard Pembroke Alcove tub  SOLD

Original Tubs

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