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Original Tubs

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1900-ish 77” Refinished Oak Rim Dolphin footed Tub
There is nothing nicer (or longer) than this tub!  That’s right, this tub is 6 1/2 feet long.  It has been refinished in an “old white” polyurethane and we had the exterior skim coated to fill all the imperfections that were in the cast iron.  Both the inside and out are smooth and glossy!  We believe the oak rim was recreated (it’s Red Oak and most likely not original) and it doesn’t quite match the curve of the tub on the drain end.  Other than that, this tub is awesome!  The Dolphin feet have been painted silver, but we can have them powdercoated in a variety of colors for an additional charge.  Truck freight only, call or e-mail for a freight quote
OT1637 “SSMCo.” Oak rim tub  8995.00 addtocartmini


1927 Washington Pottery Left hand drain Corner tub
This tub has seen better days, but it’s a corner tub, so here it is.  The bottom of the tub is fully deglossed, there are scattered chips, and significant etching on the rim of the corner.  Click here for a close-up.  This tub really should be refinished and is sold AS-IS.  This tub is 60” long by 31 1/2” wide.  Truck freight only!
OT1742 Washington Pottery tub 495.00 addtocartmini


1905 Standard Cast iron Sitz Bath
Here’s a bit of plumbing history.  This was intended to just rinse off the midsection only, basically one sat in this.  The original fixtures are long gone, but as the filler would have been under the water line when in use, that’s probably a good idea! This Sitz bath measures 28 1/2” square, and stands 20 1/2” tall.  The cast iron feet are recast from the one original we had.  This would make a great beer/wine chiller and one heck of a conversation piece!  Truck freight only!
OT130401 Sitz bath 600.00 addtocartmini


1926 Kohler Right-hand Drain Cast Iron Corner tub
This tub is still in pretty good shape for it’s age.  There’s a slight bit of rust around the overflow and the floor of the tub is a bit deglossed, but that’s really it for condition issues.  There are a couple chips on the edges, but these will be hidden once installed.  This tub is 60” long by 31 1/2” wide.  Corner tubs never last long around here, call for a freight quote today!  Truck freight only!
OT1781 Kohler Right hand drain corner tub SOLD


1923 Standard “Pembroke” 66” Left Hand Drain Corner tub
While this tub could be used AS-IS, you will probably want to do some clean-up on the front edge.  Your floor will cover most of the discoloration along the bottom edge, it probably isn’t going to cover all of it.  Also, there’s some etching at the left rear corner and some deglossing.  All in all, this is a decent, early corner tub that some may decide to refinish.  Sold AS-IS, e-mail or call for a shipping quote!
OT1782 Standard Pembroke Left hand Corner tub SOLD

Coffin Tubs


Dovetailed Coffin Tub
This all-original tub will accept a normal 3 3/8” center tub valve.  It’s in decent shape for it’s age, pre-1900.  The tub measures 66” long, 24” wide, and 19” deep.  Sold AS-IS!
OT0702 Coffin Tub Was 1500.00
50% off 750.00 addtocartmini


Pine Wood Coffin Tub
Fine dovetail work on the box makes this tub stand out.  Unfortunately, the tin of the tub is rough, and that detracts...  Still has original overflow, but needs work.  Measures 66” long, 25” wide, and 21” deep.  Sold AS-IS!
OT0705 Coffin tub Was 800.00  50% off 400.00

Original Tubs

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