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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Tub Foot Solutions
Replace Broken or Missing Originals


Tub Foot Turnbuckle Kit
Eye loop & threaded rod kit makes for a safe and secure antique tub foot installation. Perfect for feet that are missing mounting clips, eliminates the need for wedges. Designed to work on feet that have a mounting screw in the tongue, or you can drill and tap your existing feet to make these work with a standard 1/4”-20 bolt. 2 rods per kit, cut-to-fit on all footed tubs. Bench vise and hacksaw recommended to cut rods to length.  Familiarity of hand tool use is required; if you do not own a tap and die set, this probably isn’t for you.
15-FTK Turnbuckle kit  20.00  reserve

“Standard” brand Tub Foot clip
These clips are commonly used (and lost) off Standard brand clawfoot tubs.  These are newly cast ones, they are made of silicone bronze, and are just like the original cast iron ones.  Sold by the each.
15-TUBCLIP Tub foot clip 10.00  addtocartmini

foot clip

  New Universal Tub Foot Kit.  Click Here for more Information!

newfeet feet2

Original Tub Foot Information:
Due to the large number in our collection,
it is impossible to list or picture feet individually.
It is important to understand that tub feet are not standardized: Different makes and models of tubs use different mounting schemes and hardware to attach the feet to the tub.
There is no “standard size” tub foot!
Ordering Information:
In order for us to find matching feet for your tub, we will first need a digital (.jpg or.bmp format please) picture of one of the mates to the missing or broken foot along with written dimensions of the foot.  DO NOT hold the tape measure next to the foot and expect us to extrapolate the dimensions from a blurry picture that’s not taken from the appropriate angle.  (Yes, we need you to do your homework!)  Please see the below sample picture of how we measure tub feet. 
Send this information to  Sorry, the casting numbers on the bottom of the tub DO NOT help.  He will look at the foot and determine if you need to send it in to us for matching.  If your tub is missing all four feet, please click HERE.  Please note that some tubs use differently-sized feet at one end to facilitate drainage. (Try swapping feet to different mounting locations to determine if all four feet are identical.) If it appears that the tub has differently sized or shaped feet at one end, we will need one foot from each end of the tub. Packing and shipping instructions are near the bottom of this page. Note: Pictures of feet submitted via FAX or email may be used for preliminary evaluations but are not a suitable substitute for actually sending a sample!
Though we have nearly a 75% success rate finding replacement feet, we can’t guarantee that we will find a match, only that we will try our best. If a suitable foot or set of feet cannot be found we can use your sample foot as a pattern to have new feet cast from iron or brass.
Original feet will most likely have rust and/or old paint on them but are guaranteed to be sound. We can sandblast and paint the feet for an additional charge.


This is what your tub foot picture should look like
The tape measure next to the foot is really for scale, we’ll need you to actually read the overall height and include the WRITTEN dimension in your e-mail.  It’s okay if the foot isn’t touching the flat surface on the sides, a picture like this gives us the ability to determine the angle of the tongue.
Send a picture like this in to;
Ray R.

Original Antique Cast Iron Feet, Each:


Original Antique Cast Iron Feet, Set of 4:


We Can Sandblast Original Feet to Bare Metal for an additional labor charge
Prices will vary depending on how many coats of paint are on foot.

Original Feet Can be Chrome or Nickel Plated for an Additional $150 ea.

New Foot, Cast From Original Sample in Cast Iron:

$110 to $150 ea.
depending on style

New Foot, Recast from Original, in stock only; Sale Price!

$65 each

New Foot, Cast From Original Sample, Brass (polished)

$140 ea.

New Brass Feet Can be Nickel Plated for an additonal $100 ea.

New Cast Iron Feet Can be Polished to a High Shine and Lacquered for $65 ea.

Prices FOB Murphys, CA.

Shipping Information:
Feet should be wrapped in paper or foam and packed in a heavy cardboard container. Include a note of explanation that includes your Name, Address, Telephone Number, Return shipping information, and a photo of the tub if possible. Ship the sample feet via insured UPS to the address below:

DEA Bathroom Machineries
Attn: Ray
495 Main Street
Murphys, CA 95247

Customer is responsible for both inbound and return freight. DEA is not responsible for feet lost or broken in shipping. Please allow up to one week for us to go through our collection and attempt to find a match. Allow 4-8 weeks for casting of new feet.                                   


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