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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Replacement Toilet Tank Lids

A portion of our sizeable collection of pre-1960 tank lids

Don’t Throw Out That Antique Toilet Just Because It has a Broken or Missing Lid!

About Our Collection: Our collection consists mainly of pre-1960 white tank lids. We have 100’s of 30’s and 40’s deco-style lids as well as a wide selection of hard to find serpentine,  Pacific-style and Crane tank lids.

Price Guide: Newer lids: $50. Deco Lids: $60. Pacific Lids: $90. Serpentine and rare lids: Up to $300 depending on condition and rarity. These prices are to serve as a guide only, actual price will depend on the condition of lid and it’s rarity.

Tank Lid Information: Vintage toilets were largely hand-finished. As a result, the size and fit of the tank lid can vary greatly even among toilets of the same make and model. Since old lids were fitted right to the original tank, replacement lids may wobble slightly. We recommend using adhesive felt pads available at any hardware store to correct this. We do not have any colored lids.

How to Order: Due to the inherent variability in hand-finished lids, make and model information is of little help to us. In order to find a replacement tank lid we will need a template of the top of your toilet tank. To make a template, place heavy paper or cardboard across the top of the tank and trace around the OUTSIDE of the tank. Cut out the template; the cuttout should be the exact size and shape as the top of your tank.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to cut out the template and test it for exact fit. We will not accept templates that are not cut out and tested! The time, effort & expense involved in finding and shipping a lid is simply too great for us to have to guess whether to cut on the inside or the outside of the lines and to speculate as to the accuracy of the template when it appears to have been sloppily rendered. Consider yourself warned; un-cut or otherwise “ugly” templates will be returned to sender!!
    Mail the template to the address below. You may wish to transfer the outline of your template on to lighter paper to save on postage.( Due to variations in reproduction size, we cannot accept templates sent via FAX.)
   We will take your template and actually lay it inside different tank lids to find one that fits. We don’t promise that we will have a lid that fits, only that we will try our best to find one.
PLEASE: We do not deal in post-1960 plumbing, nor do we have tank lids for newer toilets. If your toilet tank lid is after 1960, try
Send Templates to:

DEA Bathroom Machineries

Attn: Ray

495 Main Street

Murphys, CA 95247

 Be sure to include your telephone number and return shipping address.
Upon receiving your template, we will attempt to find a lid and will contact you via telephone with price and estimated shipping costs.  We will ask for your billing information at this time.

Shipping: Vintage tank lids are fragile and heavy. In order to ship lids safely we must custom-build a mini-crate for each one. Be prepared to pay up to $35 shipping and packing per lid. 

Note!  If your tank is wider than 21 1/2”, we do not have any lids to fit.  Our widest tank lid is 21 1/2”!

While they last!
Case Kidney Toilet Tank Lid
Orginal Case T/N lids for kidney toilet. With integral seat bumper.  3 Available
CKLID 395.00 addtocartmini
(Click here for other Case toilet parts)


Reproduction lids for Eljer Pill Tanks
This lid fits the later Eljer Pill (round) tanks where the lid measures 13” across by 6” wide.  The actual hole at the top of the tank will be roughly 1” smaller.  These reproductions are made of cast aluminum, and have been powdercoated white. 
PTLID Pill tank lid 450.00 addtocartmini


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