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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Antique Locks, Door, & Window Hardware


Circa 1850 British Surface Mount Deadbolt Lock
A rare working antique lock complete with key and catch. Measures 9” wide, 4” tall, 1” thick. 1” bolt throw. A great accent piece for the wine cellar door, garden gate, or shed
OL0501 1850 Deadbolt Lock SOLD


Circa 1800 Surface Mount Deadbolt.
Wrought iron and wood in rare working condition with original key. Measures 10” wide, 6” tall, 1-1/2” thick. 3/4” throw on the bolt. Imagine this on the door to your wine cellar or cabinet!
OL0502 Wood & Iron Lock  SOLD

Circa 1905 Wrought Iron Shutter Latch
The 15 layers of paint have been bead-blasted off, leaving these latches fairly bright, but they’ll oxidize up quite quickly if exposed to the elements.  The 4” lever itself is wrought iron, the rest is cast brass, and the receiver is steel.  The style is Arts and Crafts, perfect for the 1905 period house.  You’ll have to do some playing with these, as we’re not exactly sure of the required dimensions to make them work properly. They do appear to be reversible.  4 sets available
OL07100 Arts and Crafts Latch. SOLD OUT

shutter latch
eni knobs

Original Mortise Knob Sets
Not Reproduction!  These sets will have the dings and dents of many years of use.  Best go first!  Please indicate width of spindle in “Special Requests” field during checkout.  Most are 9/32”.  Steel portions of knob might have light rust or paint.  Sold in a set.
OBK Black or white knob set 25.00 

glass knob

Original Glass Mortise Knob Sets
Fix up that old door with a set of original knobs!  Brass will be original, not repolished.  Some sets may have paint splatter, please indicate width of spindle in “Special Requests” field during checkout.  Most are 9/32”.  Sold in a set, best goes first.
OGK Glass knob set 35.00

brass knobs

Old Brass Mortise Knob Sets
These knob sets have great patina, and we didn’t dare polish that off....  Spindle measures 5/16” square.  Knobs themselves have a series of concentric steps in them to supply good grip and adds a nice Deco flair  We think ‘30’s vintage. Sold in a set, several sets available.
OMK Metal knob set 70.00

Please note, all of the above antique knobs are sold in sets.  A set consists of two knobs, and one spindle.


“A&W” Nickel Entryway Mortise Lockset
Judging from the style and finish, we think late 1920’s.  Original with slight wear on plating, nice glass knobs.  Mortise itself is 4 1/4” tall, sets in 3 3/4” and the plate measures 6 3/8” by 1 1/16”.  Centerline distance from knob to keyhole is 2 1/2”.  Supplied with one working key and mounting screws.  One only!
OL08101 Nickel Entry set SOLD

“Chicago” Entryway Mortise Lock
1910-ish vintage, Mortise itself measures 3 1/2” tall by 3 1/8” deep, strike measures 5 3/8” tall by 7/8”.  comes with one working key and screws.  Centerline distance from knob to barrel of keyhole is 2”.  Set is completely original, with the scratches that only 100 years of use can produce.  One only.
OL08100 Chicago entry set SOLD


“Corbin” Milk Glass Interior Mortise Lockset
Original Nickel on the knob trim, plate is brass.  Supplied with one key and screws.  Mortise measures 3 5/8” tall by 3 1/4” deep by 9/16” thick.  Plate measures 5 3/8” by 15/16”.  Centerline distance between knob and keyhole is 2 1/4”.  One only!
OL08103 Milk glass lockset 135.00 addtocartmini02


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