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Ceiling Fixtures

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1930’s Vintage Hanging brass lamp
The brass has a nice patina on it, and we chose to leave it.  Glass appears to be original, the lamp currently drops 36”, but could be shortened.  Great period lamp!
OCF13079 2 bulb lamp 180.00 reserve

Cameo Bowl Light, Circa 1912
Bowl lights were one of the first
fixtures designed specifically for the newly electrified home. Earlier fixtures were either converted gas or dual gas/electric. This rare all-original cameo fixture holds 3 bulbs inside the rim of the shade and measures 18” across and hangs down 35”
CF0237   495.00 reserve


‘30’s Vintage Bar Lamp
Yes, the glass shades are reproduction, but all else is original.  Fully rewired, 32” drop and 20” across. Brass painted over zinc.  Two available.
OCF07115 Bar lamp 150.00 Each reserve

1950’s Vintage 3 chain light fixture
My ‘50’s bungalow was full of these!  This one features an original shade with hints of blue in it.  The chains can be shortened if one wants the shade closer to the fixture.  Ceiling mount.
OCF121211 3 chain fixture 95.00 reserve


1970’s Arabesque Swag Lamp
Oh Wow, Man!  The details on this lamp are reminiscent of the early ‘70’s, back when some rock stars were popularizing middle eastern music influences. Style soon followed, and this crept into home fashion.  Groovy!  Only one, grab it while it’s here. 
OCF07116 Swag lamp 40.00 As-Is reserve

Art Nouveau Ceiling Fixture
Painted Cast brass three bulb light fixture.  Steel canopy, fully rewired. 14” across, 33” drop, can be shortened, 1 glass shade is original, the other two are reproduction, there is a slight color difference.  (Visible in photo)
OCF07117 Three bulb fixture 495.00 reserve

OCF07117 new

Reproduction Brass “lantern” style ceiling fixture
This is a new lamp, but it’s a nice one.  Made of solid brass, it’s 7” wide and has a drop of 16”  The circular frosted glass has a nice floral motif.  One only.
OCF17119 Brass Lantern 159.00 addtocartmini

Ceiling Fixtures

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Antique Lighting fixtures are extremely difficult to date with any accuracy; many have been modified or have had sockets and glassware replaced numerous times over the years as electrical and lighting requirements have evolved. Fixtures are restored to an as authentic state as possible using new electrical components and
original style parts & glassware. Light bulbs shown in fixtures are not included.
 For breakage reasons, we do not ship light bulbs in less than case quantity.
Please keep in mind that most items are 50 to 100 years old and may show signs of normal use and wear. A detailed description and additonal photos are available of any item upon request.


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