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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Antique Drinking Fountains

Please note; all of our antique drinking fountains are sold AS-IS unless otherwise specified.  Many of these fixtures do not meet current codes for hygiene, ADA, and clearance.  Check with your local building department BEFORE purchasing.  We will not be held responsible for code issues that may arise if these fountains are installed and used for their original purpose.


Late 1920’s Crane “Tyrone” Freestanding Fountain
30” tall, 14” across the basin.  This unique drinking fountain has many issues.  It’s an integral bubbler that is below the rim of the basin, so it’s not code compliant.  To make matters worse, the ceramic internal waterway that feeds the bubbler is cracked.  If put into use, it would leak.  Valve disappeared long ago, but it still has the nice ceramic cover over the drain.  Folks, basically, this fountain is a prop.  Or maybe a nice bird bath...
If it weren’t cracked, there would be a “1” in front of the price.  Sold AS-IS!  Truck Freight only!
ODF08906 Crane drinking fountain SOLD

Crane “Luxton” Porcelain Drinking Fountain
No Date code, but identical ones are in our 1926 catalog.  Glaze is worn, original porcelain bubbler in very good shape.  No valve, drain intact 1 1/4” IPS.  12” diameter basin.  Sold AS-IS
Crane Fountain 350.00 addtocartmini


1923 Concealed Trap Fountain
Bare porcelain only, unusual concealed (cast in the porcelain) trap, uses urinal bracket to install.  No maker’s stamp, but dated 1923.  Some chips along wall edge.  Will require some creative plumbing to make it live again.  Sold AS-IS
China fountain 195.00 addtocartmini

1950 Standard In-Wall Drinking Fountain
Here’s something cool!  This fountain is designed to be installed in-wall and dates to the mid-century period.  We have one of these, it is sold less valve and bubbler.  It has to be sold AS-IS as it is not code legal in public areas.  But, it will work great as a prop, or a niche in the wall for your favorite religious figurine.  Fountain measures 27 3/4” tall by 15 1/4” wide and extends from the wall 8 1/4”.  The recess in the wall will need to be 12 3/4” wide by 24 3/4” tall.  Truck freight only!
ODF1631 Std. fountain 200.00 addtocartmini


Haws/Mueller Fountain Bubbler
This one’s fully restored in Polished nickel and ready to install.  Everything appears original, down to the bubbler, with a patent date of 1911.  This unit stands 12 1/2” tall, from flange at base to tip, and will penetrate through a maximum thickness of
1 1/2”.  The ball does have a tight crack, it’s been there a long time.


If you are wondering about the combo name, the ball was made by “Haws”, and the valve itself is labelled “Mueller”.  Do not let it escape!
ODF13081 Drinking fountain, restored 795.00 addtocartmini

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