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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

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Reconditioned faucets and valves offer a quality alternative to imports and can add an authentic touch to a vintage fixture.  DEA rebuilt valves are inspected and restored to new condition using modern materials. Reconditioned valves are guaranteed to be leak-free for 6 months from date of purchase.
     A nice feature of these older valves is they use commonly available faucet washers and stem packing. Should your valve develop a leak years down the road, these time-tested and simple designs can be restored to drip-free operation cheaply and easily..

Original Antique Showerheads
 Porcelain Flanges for Antique Valves & Faucets
Information on Original Standing Wastes / Bi_Transit Drains


1920-ish Peck Bros (?) Ribcage Shower
The ultimate shower!  Ribcage showers were installed in the finest homes and mansions near the turn of the century. This unit has a single control mixing valve that rivals any made today for sophistication. Note, this single handle control valve was replaced sometime during the shower’s life, it’s not the original, this one probably dates to the 1950’s.  There’s no name on the shower, but the valves look like Peck Brothers valves, so...  3 separate diverter valves control the overhead rain showerhead, a handheld shower, the ‘wet’ ribs (ribs have tiny holes all the way around spraying in towards the center), and the temperature “test” outlet at the bottom. 


Designed for installation in a tile enclosure with at least 12 GPM water supply and an 80 gal. water heater. (Definitely NOT a water saver!)  Fits in a 36” wide alcove, will also need a minimum depth of 36”, and requires extensive plumbing accomodations.  This unit is for serious restoration or antique plumbing enthusiasts only! Your choice, restored or AS-IS
OF120500 Ribcage shower AS-IS SALE 5000.00 reserve
OF120500 Ribcage shower restored in nickel SALE 15000.00 reserve   This product does not meet California's Title 20  requirements, and cannot be sold to addresses within California

Original Overflow Covers

“Hammond Plumbing Co. Hammond Ind.”
Replated in Polished nickel, O.D. of cover is 3 1/8”.Casting is fairly rough, probably an early version
OTOC08403 75.00 reserve


Reproduction “Standard” Overflow Covers
To make a long story short, we screwed up.  Our machinist was supposed to make the connectors from an original version of this cover to a drain shoe.  Instead, he made two of the covers..  Rather than tossing them into the scrap bin, we decided to plate them in polished Nickel and see if they would sell.  3 3/16” from flat side across, these will attach to early tub drains that use the single bolt overflow attachment.  They do also have the internal thread that will attach to late 1920’s vintage tub drains.
OF1496 Overflow cover 100.00 each reserve

Original Tub Spouts

“Standard” late ‘30’s though early 1950’s Tub Spout
This spout has been freshly replated in Chrome, and still has the Standard logo at the end of the spout.  Inlet is 1/2” pipe thread, Spout extends from the wall 5 5/8”.  These spouts are getting harder to find, don’t wait!
OF1781 Standard Tub Spout 175.00 addtocartmini


Circa 1940 Deco Tub Spout
There’s no Maker’s marks on this spout, but it’s a nice, early tub spout.  Freshly replated in chrome, this spout’s inlet is 1/2” pipe thread, and the spout extends from the wall 5 1/4”.  Grab this one quickly!
OF1782 Art Deco Tub Spout 150.00 addtocartmini

Circa 1940 Deco Tub Spout
This spout is extremely close to the design of a Standard brand spout, but there’s no maker’s mark anywhere to be found.  Spout has a fresh coating of Chrome on it, and is 5 1/2” long.  It will thread onto a 1/2” pipe nipple, and the nipple will need to extend out from the wall 1 1/4”.  Nice spout!
OF1811  Deco tub spout SOLD


Circa 1935 Deco Tub Spout
I suspect this is an early Price Pfister spout due to the length of the nipple this spout needs.  While it’s a 1/2” pipe spout, the nipple will need to extend from the wall 4”.  This spout has a fresh coating of chrome, and is 5 3/16” long overall.  There’s no maker’s mark anywhere to be found, so the guess of Price Pfister making this spout is just a guess.
OF1812 Deco Tub spout 85.00 addtocartmini

Original Antique Showerheads

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