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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Original Antique Replacement Handles

Replace missing or broken antique handles with original OEM handles!

Faucet Handle Information: Faucets are something like auto parts: there are dozens of different  brands and 1000’s of different models with almost no parts interchangeability between brands. The picture above shows just a tiny fraction of our selection of handles. There is no “standard” faucet handle!   In most cases, you will need to send us one of your original handles so we can match it with handles from our extensive collection. We will first find handles that fit your faucet stems and then try to select the closest match for condition, color, and print font on the “hot” and “cold” lettering.
   All handles are original antiques and will show normal signs of use and wear. Brass handles and porcelain handles with brass spuds can be polished or plated for an additonal charge. Zinc handles will usually have varying degrees of pitting as zinc does not hold up as well as brass. Zinc handles are generally not worth replating as they are usually only found on newer, less valuable faucets.

Original Antique Handle Price Guide:

Porcelain Cross Hot/Cold handles with brass spuds. 100’s of varieties with threaded, splined, or square spuds available. Customer will need to send handle or stem for matching. Matched sets not available.  Prices range from $35 to $75 depending upon condition.

Porcelain Cross Diverter/Drain Handles.
Handles with “Waste”, “Drain”, “Shower” or diverter arrows on them. Customer needs to send handle. Limited supply, may not be able to match all handles or styles.
$50 each if available

Please note: due to high demand, we are currently out of handles to fit 3/8” square stems.We now however have a new replacement handle option for Crane and other handles that use a 3/8” square spud.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Porcelain Lever Handles with Brass Spud. 100’s of varieties in both nickel and brass for vertical and horizontal mount. Customer will need to send handle or stem for matching.
Matched sets not available  $15 each.

5 & 6 Spoke Brass Ball Tip Handles.
Brass and nickel plated. Must send sample handle or stem.
Very limited supply. Currently sold out of Crane- brand but call or email for availability.  Matched sets not available
$90 each.

Brass and Zinc Cross Handles, not Crane
Chrome, nickel, brass, and plain zinc. 100’s of sizes, styles, and varieties. Customer must send sample handle or valve stem for matching.
Brass: $15 each
Zinc: $10 each

Brass and Zinc Lever Handles.
Chrome, nickel, brass and plain zinc. 100’s of styles and sizes for both vertical and horizontal applications. Must send sample handle or stem.
Zinc: $10 each
Brass: $15: each
Brass w/ porcelain ends: $20 each
Fuller Ball valve handles: $20 each.

Single Lever Handles f/ single-control shower valves.
Handles for Crane, Symmons, and ‘Standard’. Need to know stem diameter and spline count to order. Various styles available.
Porcelain & Brass: $110 ea.
Solid Brass: $90

We also have porcelain escutcheons for this type of valve, click here.


Post WW2 Crane Canopy handles
Some restored originals available, call 800-255-4426 or e-mail for details.  Prices range from $50 to $125 a set.  Lmited availability, expeditied shipping may not be available.

Note: handles pictured above are representative samples only and may no longer be available.

Other Options: (add to handle price.)

Polish and lacquer brass handle or handle spud

$18.00 ea.

Nickel Plate brass handle or handle spud

$22.50 ea.

Chrome plate zinc faucet handles.  (2 week lead-time)


How to Order:
1.) Send us your Pre-1960 original handle or faucet stem. (Please don’t send newer handles, we won’t have anything to fit faucets made after 1960.)
 (Click here for shipping & packing information.)
2.) We will attempt to match your handle with one(s) from our stock. Though we have about a 80% success rate in finding matching handles, we do not guarantee that we will find a handle, only that we will try our best.
PLEASE NOTE!: Despite the size of our collection, we rarely have more than two or three handles of the same style. If you need a matched set of handles you should consider reproduction replacements.
3.) We will call with a price and ask for your billing information at this time. If no original handle is found, we will outline the available options for using reproduction handles.


Replacement handles for glue-in spuds.
Replace your broken ceramic cross handles with these new handles by gluing the original handle spuds into brand new handles.  Also available are new replacement spuds for 5/16”, 3/8”, and Crane handle broaches.
Click here for for more information.

Reproduction 5-spoke Cross Handles.

Still have Questions?
 Feel free to call us at 209-728-2031 or use the email button at the bottom of this page and we will be more than happy to discuss your restoration project with you


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