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Original Escutcheons / Flanges for Faucets and Showers

“Standard R-83” Tub Shower Porcelain Escutcheon
Most will have the part # “R-83” on the back, but not all.  3 3/16” O.D., 7/8” I.D., and it stands 1 7/16” tall.  Dimensions can vary by 1/8”, best goes first, these date to the 1920’s.  Sold by the each.
CA14112 Standard R-83 Escutcheon 25.00


Glauber Shower Mixer Escutcheon
5-1/16” diameter with 5/8” center hole. The center nut has faint wrench marks and some discoloration but will be hidden by the handle.
OPF0204   65.00 reserve


“Republic” Tub Shower Escutcheon
These date to the 1920’s, and are a distinctive  “double step” design.  OD is 3 3/16”, ID is 3/4”, and they stand 1 3/4” tall.  Speakman and other companies used a similar design.  Sold by the each.
OF0751 Republic Escutcheon 25.00


Crane Pre-WW2 Tub Shower escutcheon
These have gotten hard to come by as of late.  This escutcheon threads directly onto the stem, and these often break when the valve is disassembled to service it.  This escutcheon stands 2 3/4” tall and is 2 3/4” wide at the base.  It does have the metal internal threads as well.  Limited supply!
OF1683 Crane Escutcheon Sold Out


Crane Pre-WW2 Chrome Tub Shower Escutcheon
These are original Crane Escutcheons with a fresh coating of chrome on them.  They stand 2 3/4” tall and are 2 7/8” wide.  Commonly found in 1930’s vintage Crane two or three handle tub shower applications, these are definitely in limited supply. Sold by the each!
OF1831 Crane escutcheon 130.00 ea.  addtocartmini


Crane Pre-WW2 Short Tub Shower Escutcheon
Years ago, Crane made these escutcheons to help out the plumber who roughed the tub shower valves in too deep.  These are shorter than the standard height escutcheon, these measure 2 3/4” wide by 1 3/4” tall, and they thread directly onto stem.  Limited supply!
OF1735 Crane short escutcheon 75.00 ea. addtocartmini
Crane escutcheon, chipped 50.00 ea. addtocartmini


“Standard” Porcelain Escutcheon w/ Logo
We’re not sure of the application for these escutcheons, but we’re sure they’re Standard brand.  They date to the 1920’s, and they have an OD of 3”, and ID of 1 1/8”, and they stand 1 1/16” tall.  Best goes first, sold by the each.
CA14113 Standard escutcheon 50.00


Unknown Maker Ceramic flange
The outside diameter of this cover plate is 6 1/16”, and the inside diameter is 1 5/16”  There’s no maker’s mark on it.  Screw mounting holes are 3” on center apart.  Condition is excellent.
OPF1431 Cover plate 75.00 reserve


Standard “Re-Nu” Diverter Escutcheon
Excellent condition, 4 1/4” O.D., 15/16” I.D., and stands 1 1/8” tall.  Lettering is perfect.
OPF08703 100.00 reserve


Standard “Re-Nu” Single Control Escutcheon
Pretty, ain’t it?  This page just needed some color....  This is Standard’s 1930’s vintage Orchid color.  For the three of you out there that actually have this color in your bath, you might want to have one of these as a spare, ‘cause they don’t make them like this anymore!  Flawless condition!
OPF08704 150.00 reserve


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