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1958 Pink Cast Iron Corner tub
Here we have a left hand drain, 5’ long by 30 1/2” wide corner tub in pink.  The shade of pink is close to Standard’s “Corallin”, but not exact.  I suspect this tub was made by Eljer, but there’s no manufacturer’s name anywhere on the tub, just the date of 1958.  Eljer was known for not marking their products, and it does look like an Eljer, so...  Condition-wise, the gloss is in excellent shape, the only issue is a scuff about the size of a silver dollar right on the top corner of the curve.  Click here for a close-up.  If this tub was white, it would be in the $1300 range, in pink a bit less.  Truck freight only!
OT16103 Pink corner tub 795.00 addtocartmini

1950’s Crane “Diana” Console Sink
“Shell Pink” is the color!  Chrome is original, and in decent shape for it’s age.  Faucets are rebuilt, sink will be water tested, console legs sold separately.  Sink measures a generous 33” wide by 22” deep.  There are a couple chips in the basin itself, and one on the left side edge.  But, rare color, so.....
Truck freight only, wayyyyyyy too big for UPS
WHS09900 Diana console SOLD


1967 Universal Rundle Wall Hung
Almost a robins egg blue!  Any 4” center lavatory faucet will fit, Sink measures 18 deep by 22” wide, and the basin is 10” by 14”.  There are 2 sand grain sized chips on the rear left side, otherwise good.  Nice sink, pretty color!
WH09200 Sink 200.00 reserve

1949 Standard Cadet Toilet in Regency Blue
This toilet will fit onto modern 3” closet flanges that are sitting on a 12” rough-in.  Sold less seat, (Matching ones are available from Bemis), this toilet will have all new internal parts.  Condition-wise, the is some light scuffing on the rim and inside the bowl from frequent cleaning, and some very light crazing around the seat bolt holes.  The crazing should be hidden by seat hinge.  Still, it’s blue, and they are tough to find.... 
OT1482 Standard Cadet toilet in Blue 425.00 reserve

This product does not meet California's Title 20  requirements, and cannot be sold to addresses within California

Mid 1950’s Ming Green Standard Tile-in Sink
This sink is in excellent condition for it’s age.  There’s only one chip near the drain, it’s about the size of a grain of sand.  The sink measures 20 1/2” wide by 19 5/8” front to back.  Remember, this sink is a tile in only!
OHS1641 Standard sink SOLD

1960’s Case Apron Front Hudee ring sink
This Case sink’s color is very close to Standard’s “Corallin”, but is slightly lighter.  Sink is supplied with original Hudee ring, less clips and most 4” centerset faucets will fit.  There are a couple of chips in the basin.  Sink measures 20” wide by 18” front to back.
OHS1642 Case sink 200.00 addtocartmini


Crane ”Corwith-Compeer” Wall Hung sink
Can also be used with console lavatory legs!  Sink is in Crane's “Orchid Pink” and has the desirable integral spout.  While the basin has many chips, none go through to the base material so they do not show up.... Sink measures 21 1/2” by 27”.  Cool sink in a hot color, don’t let it get away!  Truck freight only!
WH09510 Crane sink 695.00 reserve

1935 Cobalt Blue Modernus bowl
This Cobalt blue bowl is a 1935 Standard Modernus, and it
does have some flaws.  The most prominent is a thumbnail sized chip on the front bottom edge (visible in pic) and there are some scuffs on top of bowl.  Still, we’ve never seen one before in this color, and we thought it was cool!  14” rough, 4” flange
OTB110802 Cobalt blue Standard Modernus bowl 250.00 reserve

Blue modernus

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