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Antique Brass Bath Accessories

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“Standard” Pedestal sink P-Trap
This style of trap is used where the outlet of the sink is very tight to the wall.  Once common in the days of standing waste drains, these haven’t been cast in years.  This one’s inlet and outlet are 1 1/2” tubular.  It has been replated in polished Nickel, and is ready to install.
BR1612 “Standard” Trap SOLD


N.O.S. “Modernistic” Chain Stay
These are still new in the bag, from the 1930’s.  Made by the Chicago Specialty Mfg. Co., there is slight wear on the chrome of the one we opened for the photo.  Solid brass with chrome plating, even the square nut is brass.  Maximum thickness of sink is 1 1/4”, will cover holes up to 1 1/2” in diameter.  Why buy a reproduction when you can get the real thing?  4 available
BR1611 Chrome chainstay 20.00 addtocartmini


1 1/4” Polished Nickel “S” trap
Here’s an unusual one!  The trap is completely concealed inside the unit.  It’ll require 1 1/4” diameter tubing on both the inlet and outlet.  Replated in polished nickel.  One only!
BR1491 Trap 200.00 addtocartmini


Art Deco Cast Brass Soapdish
Replated in Polished Nickel!  This soapdish we believe dates to the 1930’s.  It will extend from the wall 5 1/2”.  This one’s far heavier than anything made today!
BR12125 Soapdish SOLD

Antique Tumbler Holders
All accomodate tumbler glasses with up to a 2-1/2” outside diameter and extend out from the wall 3-1/2” to 4” unless otherwise noted.

Circa 1936 Tumbler Holder
Original chrome plate

Circa 1910 Tumbler
holder. 5” tall
Unlacquered brass
BR0332  74.00

1911 Art Brass Co.
Original nickel finish
BR0321 75.00

1932 Wolverine Brass
Original nickel finish
BR0320 69.00

1906 Henry Huber Co.
polished cast red brass,
very heavy, 7” tall
BR0331  109.00

Circa 1905 Solid Cast
Polished unlacquered brass tumbler holder
  BR0335 89.00

Circa 1916 Tumbler
holder. Orig. Ni. finish
BR0325   75.00

1904 “leaf” pattern
Unlacquered brass
BR0334    99.00

1911 Brasscrafters
4” tall. Unlacquered brass
BR0338    85.00


Circa 1900 Soap and Sponge Holder
This holder has been replated back to the original finish, polished nickel.  There’s no maker’s mark, but it is very similar to items found in our 1893 “Standard” catalog.  It extends from the wall 5 1/2” and stands 6” tall.  One only!
BR130301 Holder 175.00 addtocartmini


1902 Brasscrafters Soap, Tumbler & Toothbrush holder
This accessory has been repolished/replated in the original nickel finish.  It will extend from the wall a maximum of 6”.  Tumbler holder will accept tumblers with a base of 2 3/4” or less.  Toothbrush retainer is removeable for easy cleaning.  Not all toothbrushes will fit...
BR1641 Brasscrafters Holder SOLD

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