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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Undermount Sink Basins for  Wood, & Marble Tops

 Marble patterns on marbleized sinks are very subtle and do not photograph well, colors may not be accurate as contrast is enhanced to bring out marble pattern. Funnel-type drains and overflows were originally designed for a rubber hose connection and may require some ingenuity to adapt to modern drain fittings.


1896 Tepeco Hand Painted Undermount basin
The paintwork has faded a bit in spots, but this sink is still very nice.  The artist's name was scratched into the bottom of the sink, I think it’s “Studara” but the signature is unclear.  OD is 19” x 15 1/2”, ID is 17” x 13 3/8”.  Sink does not have a provision for an overflow, so many drains will not work.
OUB111101 Tepeco basin 700.00 addtocartmini


Western Pottery Painted Floral Basin
We believe this basin is New Old-Stock as we can find no wear or indication that it was ever mounted under a cabinet.  It measures 19 1/2” by 16 1/2” OD, and the ID is 17” by 14”.  Sink does have an overflow, click on the photo for a larger view!
OUB1651 Undermount sink 225.00 addtocartmini


Floral Undermount sink
This is a wonderfully done, hand painted sink.  The background of the sink is is a very light pastel green with some accents that appear like water droplets.  The sink shows no wear inside, and we believe it’s never been installed.  It’s dimensions are Outside diameter 20 3/4” by 14 5/8”, the inside diameter is 18” by 12 3/4”, and it will accept “normal” drain assemblies.  The flattened area will assist with clearance issues found when mounting the sink in narrower countertops.  This is one nice sink, make it the centerpiece of your bath today!
OUB120500 Floral sink 450.00 addtocartmini


Unknown Undermount sink basin
No name or date to be found on this sink.  We feel it dates to the late teens.  It measures 14” OD, and 12” ID, and does have a few minor, grain of sand sized chips.  This is a nice, period sink. and is in excellent shape for it’s age.  Drain is smaller than normal, will require some customization or creative plumbing.
OUB08904 Undermount basin SOLD


Norstad Pottery Stoneware basin
Probably too new for us, but everyone here thinks it’s one neat sink.  Made By Norstad Pottery and stamped “Sausalito”, it’s not particularly old, but really nice.  Could be used either top-mount or undermount.  15 3/4” OD, 13” ID.  No apparent wear.
OUB10600 Norstad sink SOLD


Another “Mystery” Undermount Basin
No Name, No date, no marks whatsoever except a tiny “X” stamped in the rim.  1910?  I’m thinking it might be earlier as it has the funnel-type drain used in the very first forms of modern interior plumbing.  Basically, a hose gets clamped onto the sink’s outlet and was run over to the toilet bowl.  Excellent condition, 14” OD, 12” ID.
OUB10405 Round basin 250.00 addtocartmini


1903 (?) Trenton Pottery Co. Marbelized Basin
This is a nice, early basin.  It does suffer from one factory flaw, there’s a pinhole in the basin, about 1/16” in diameter, just to the right of the drain.  It’s visible as a “spot” in the expanded photo.  The sink measures 14 1/2” OD and 12 1/4” ID.  We rarely see marbelized painted sinks anymore, grab this one quick.
OUB1735 T.P. Co. sink SOLD


Mystery Undermount Oval Basin
Here’s yet another basin with no markings whatsoever on it.  Style suggests late teens for a date.  It measures 17 1/2” by 14 1/8” OD, and 15 3/8” by 12 1/4” ID.  There are minor scratches in the glaze, but no chips inside basin.  This is another nice period sink.
OUB17121 Undermount basin 200.00 addtocartmini

Special Clamps
For attaching basin under marble or wood counter  tops. Complete with brass wood screw, and machine screw with lead anchor for marble top, and "L" clamp.  Set of four.
75-52047 Set  26.00  addtocartmini

We also carry a  selection of

A Beautiful Example of one of our undermount basins installed on one of our marble tops.

Original  Antiques are sold in as-is condition. Most items  show signs of normal use and wear. Items described as  "refinished" or "excellent condition" are as close to  "new" as is possible. A detailed description of any  item is available upon request.
Condition Guide: 
 Refinished = Fully restored, like new condition.
 Excellent = As nearly new as possible, 90% of original luster or better.
 Good = May have minor chips or finish flaws that do not extend down to base material.
  Fair = Usable. May have rust or chips that extend down to base material.
 Poor = Needs refinishing or repair work.
All Bathroom Machineries Original Antique toilet bowls, sinks, and fixtures are carefully cleaned, sanitized, water tested, & inspected for the tiniest defects. 
We are not a salvage yard, we are architectural antique restoration specialists
committed to providing  like-new and professionally restored fixtures.


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