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 Hudee Ring Sinks
A.K.A. Metal Rimmed Sinks


1950 Crane Marcia tile-in Sink
Fully restored, ready to install!  This sink would look perfect in your 1950’s tiled countertop.  Old-white, it measures 24” wide by 20 3/4” front to back.  Sorry, the Hudee ring is long gone, so it’ll need to be tiled in.  No chips or flaws!
OHS17121 Crane sink SOLD


Circa 1954 Standard Tile-in sink
The color is Standard’s “Clair de Lune” blue and was very popular in the 1950’s.  This particular sink does have several small chips in the basin, it’s probably best as a replacement for one that’s broken.  It’s 20” wide by 19 1/2” front to back.  Cool Sink!
OHS1732 Standard sink 225.00 addtocartmini


Early ‘60’s Standard Hudee Ring sink
8” faucet centers, Sink measures 18 1/8” front to back by 20” wide, and has many chips and flaws.  It’s usable, but rough.   Modern white. Sold AS-IS
OHS110802 Standard sink 75.00 reserve

Need a colored version of any of these sinks?  Take a look at our colored fixtures pages!  Click here!

Circa 1957 Standard Tile in Sink
These sinks were immensely popular during the 1950’s.  This particular one is in excellent shape considering it’s 60 years old with only 2 tiny chips.  It will accept many 4” center faucets (but not all).  It measures 20” wide by 19 1/2” front to back.  Intended to be set in thick set mortar, it has a heavy rim.  Grab it quick!
OHS1731 Standard tile-in sink 250.00 addtocartmini


1958 Standard Apron Front Hudee ring sink
This sink would be best used as a replacement for a broken unit.  It is in excellent condition, with 1 tiny chip on the left side the only flaw.  The sink measures 24” wide by 18” front to back and is the earlier “old” white.  Many (but not all) 4” center faucets will mount to this sink.
OHS110804 Standard sink 250.00 reserve


Mystery China Tile in sink
There’s part of a date, some mold numbers, and a model number of “M-50” on the back of this sink.  It’s the modern “bright” white, so it was made sometime in the 1960’s or 1970’s, we think.  The sink is in excellent condition and will accept any modern widespread faucet.  It measures 20” wide by 18” F/B  Grab it quick!
OHS1685 Tile-in Sink 125.00 addtocartmini


Mid-1950’s Standard Apron front Tile-in sink
This one is in excellent condition!  It measures 20” wide by 18” front to back and will accept many (but not all) 4” center faucets.  It’s in the darker “old-white” that was used up until the late 1950’s.  These are neat sinks, tile this one in today!
OHS1733 Standard sink 295.00 addtocartmini


1956 Crane Countess Apron front tile-in sink
I could not find a flaw on this sink.  It dates to 1956, it measures 20” wide by 17” front to back, and will accept any widespread faucet.  These were originally set in mortar with the front lip of the sink exposed as an apron.  Nice sink!
OHS1734 Crane sink SOLD


Late 1950’s Standard Drop in sink
The Date code was incomplete, but the logo dates this sink to the late 1950’s.  Modern white, will accept many 8” center widespread lavatory faucets.  No chips or flaws.  Measures 20” wide by 18” front to back
 OHS1573 Standard sink SOLD


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