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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Original Toilets







Original Tanks and Bowls are sold separately unless otherwise stated. Most tanks and bowls can be made to work together to make high or low tank toilet sets.

Many of the items pictured have special plumbing requirements. Our plumbing experts will be more than happy to help you select fixtures  and matching fittings that will work together to compliment your decor.

Unless otherwise stated, prices are for tanks or bowls ONLY. Additional hardware (Flush tubes, mounting brackets, etc) are extra.  Please call for quote.

Please keep in mind that our antique bowls are 50  to 100 years old. They will show some signs of wear and may have slight defects or repairs in the porcelain. All have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and are guaranteed to flush properly with the correct tank.

Though most high-tank toilets will flush quite well on 1.6 gallons, they are not certified as low water consumption fixtures.  Installations subject to inspection may require a historical or special variance permit. Be sure to consult with your local building  department before making a purchase.

Mott “Undine” High Tank Toilet Illustration from 1888 catalog

1895 Johnson Bros English Decorated bowl w/ Throne Seat
Here’s the rarest of the rare when it comes to Toiletry!  This is an original washdown hightank bowl with it’s original Mahogany throne seat AND the original cast iron painted support brackets.


The bowl does have a few chips around the bolt holes and one non-structural crack on the front left side, but considering the age

and rarity, these are minor flaws.  We were told that this particular toilet came from a mansion that Jack Benny owned, but unfortunately, we have no paperwork to prove this.  Inlet of bowl is 1 1/4”, it can only be used in hightank applications.  It will also require a 4” flange and waste line.  Rough-in appears to be 14”, but the rough should be installed after toilet has arrived at it’s new home.  Truck freight only!
OTB13111 Decorated bowl and seat.  8995.00 reserve


1932 Washington Pottery Deco Toilet set
You cannot get any more Art Deco than this toilet!  The octagonal shaped toilet bowl is very unique, and we haven’t seen anything quite like it before.  Washington Pottery was a smaller West Coast manufacturer and wasn’t shipped back east.  This toilet will come ready to install, and will be supplied with a flush elbow in your choice of Chrome, Polished Nickel, or Coated Brass.  This toilet is intended to set on a 14” rough-in with a true 4” closet flange. (not a 4”x3”)   Flush lever is original to the set.  There are a couple of chips on the underside of the base, they will be repaired.  Supplied less toilet seat, the original octagonal seats simply are no longer available, but a regular round front seat will fit.
OT1791 Washington Pottery toilet set 2500.00 addtocartmini


1900 L.Wolff “Celeritas” Raised Ornamentation Bowl
Raised Ornamentation bowls were prominent back in the late 1800’s up to about 1905 or so.  They have gotten quite rare as of late.  Click here for a close-up of the ornamentation.  This particular bowl is set up for an extremely odd rough-in, it requires the 4” by 4” closet flange to be at 18” away from the rough wall.  But, it’s a rare bowl....
Considering this bowl is 117 years old, it’s in remarkably good shape.  There are no chips or cracks.  There is a bit of wear around the base of the bowl, near the front, and the top lip of the bowl is lightly scuffed.  Match this bowl up with a nice, wood low tank and you’ll have one nice set!
OTB130500 Wolff bowl 2995.00 reserve


1902 “HM&S Chino” Raised Ornamentation Bowl
This is one beautiful bowl!  It has a patent date of 1897, but the cast date is 1902.  Raised ornamentation bowls are extremely rare, and this one is in excellent condition for it’s age.  There are a few minor scuffs, and no chips.  The outlet of the bowl did have some internal cracks, they have been repaired, and are not visible on the exterior of the bowl.  Here’s the cool part; this bowl is a 12” rough low tank bowl.  It will require a true 4” waste and will not fit on today’s common 4”x3” closet flanges, but that conversion is easier that moving the rough entirely.  Click here for a shot of the top of the bowl.  We are sure this bowl will not last long, grab it quickly!
OTB1761 Chino bowl 2500.00 addtocartmini


1890’s (?) “Henry Gillett” Raised Ornamentation Bowl
There’s no date stamped into this bowl, and due to it’s design, we suspect it’s English.  The outlet goes out the back at a rather odd angle, it’s going to require a 4” flange and some sort of pony wall or tapered extension coming out of the wall.  1 1/4” inlet, so this will have to be used with a high tank.  Also, it will need a throne seat made to fit.  Condition is very good for the age, with some wear on the front bottom edge and two dimples in the rim from the original seat.  Click the photo for a larger view!
OTB13075 Gillett bowl 3500.00 reserve


1895 John Douglas “Sluice” Raised Ornamentation Bowl
This is a nice functional early washout bowl that features the raised ornamentation found on many pre-1900 toilets.  This particular bowl was made for the John Douglas Company by Keystone Pottery.  It’s intended to set onto a 4” flange at a 14” rough-in.  As the inlet is only 1 1/4”, it’ll need to be attached to a hightank.  Also, a throne seat will need to be fabricated for this bowl.  There is quite a bit of discoloration around the base of the bowl, unfortunately American porcelain makers back in the day did not have quite the knack of making their porcelain impervious to staining.  There are a couple dimples worn into the rim, this was from the original seat.
OTB13070  “Sluice” bowl 2995.00  reserve


1945 Crane “Saxonet” Toilet set
This is a nice, mid-century set.  This toilet will require a 4” closet flange (not a 4” by 3”) on a 14” rough-in.  Condition is excellent, with no apparent chips or flaws.  You will have your choice of finish with this set, the flush tube and lever would have been chrome originally, but we can do Uncoated brass, Coated Brass, Polished Nickel or chrome.  Brushed nickel is available for an additional cost.  Please indicate choice of finish in the “Comments” field during checkout.
OT17122 Crane Saxonet toilet 950.00 addtocartmini


1933 Kohler “Brooklands” Toilet set
This is a nice Art Deco set.  The only condition issue we could find is a bit of crazing inside the bowl at the bottom of the trap.  The bowl doesn’t leak, and should be fine for another 75 years or so.  There aren’t any other condition issues.  This set will need to set on a true 4” closet flange, and the required rough-in is 14”.  This set will NOT fit on a modern toilet rough-in.  The original finish on the metal bits would have been chrome, but we can supply this set in your choice of Chrome, Polished nickel, or Polished/Coated brass.  Indicate choice of color in comments field during checkout.
OT17121 Kohler Toilet Set SOLD


Circa 1931 Washington Pottery Toilet set
This set uses what’s known as a top spud bowl.  For it to be installed properly, it has to be mounted on a very specific dimension from the finished wall to the centerline of the 4” drain flange.  Your floor flange MUST be 12 1/2” away from the finished wall.  Also, this set HAS to be on a 4” waste pipe and floor flange, it will not sit properly on today’s 4”x3” version.  This set also features the fairly unusual “pear” shaped elongated bowl.  Regular elongated seats do fit, but do hang over the sides a bit.  Toilet will arrive ready to install, in your choice of Coated brass, Chrome, or Polished Nickel.  The only flaw is a “pit” on the top of the lid, it came that way from the factory, and there’s nothing we can do about it.
OT1748 Washington Pottery toilet set 950.00 addtocartmini


1926 “Peerless” toilet set
Well, we’re sure the bowl is a Peerless, it’s embossed with the Peerless name right between the toilet seat mounts.  The tank’s been refinished, it’s the style that Peerless used back in the day, 100 some odd years ago, but we cannot say for sure that it’s a Peerless as there’s no logo.  We had a quartersawn White Oak seat finished to match the tank.  The only condition issue is a thumbnail sized chip at the front left bolt hole.  It will mostly be hidden by the bolt cap, but it is there.  Rough-in is 14”, and it will NEED to be on a true 4” closet flange.  Modern 4” x 3” ones will not work.  Tank measures 22” wide by 17 1/4” tall and the metal parts have been plated in polished nickel.  This is a nice set, if you are after something that looks like it came from 1910, this is it!
OT17112 Peerless (?) Toilet set  SOLD

Top-Spud Bowls

Top spud bowls require very specific rough ins in order to function with available flush ell’s.  All of the below bowls will HAVE to be set on the indicated finish dimensions and the tank’s outlet centerline must match as well.  Mostly found in upper-end homes, these toilets were normally sold with rear-inlet tanks.  We recommend having the toilet in-hand before roughing in the drain.
The below “Required dimensions” are from finished wall to centerline of drain, Size of drain pipe, and distance from finished wall to centerline of outlet of tank.  “AW” refers to antique white, “MW” refers to the brighter, Modern white.



Make /Model

Required dimensions







14” Finish
4” waste
4 1/4” tank outlet center


This bowl is showing it’s age.  Watertight cracks around base, gloss is worn away inside the bowl.




Maddox & Sons
“Cibola Silent”

14” finish
4” waste
3 7/8” tank outlet center


Refinished, logo preserved.  Sold
 AS-IS, no warranty on finish

was 550.00
Now 275.00





14” finish
4” waste
4 1/2” tank outlet center


Refinished, elongated bowl, We suspect it’s a Louis Lipp bowl, but the refinisher covered the logo....AS-IS, no warranty on finish

was 450.00
Now 250.00





14” finish
4” waste
4 1/2” tank outlet center using 1 1/2” offset tube


Some scuffs inside bowl from drain snake. Round front bowl





11” finish
4” waste
4 1/2” tank outlet center


Bowl has chips around base, couple dings on rim, scuffs all over.  Elongated bowl





14” finish
4” waste
4 1/2” tank outlet center


Beaded rim bowl, tight cracks on seat bolt hole and front foot, visible in enlarged pic.  Nice Logo, round front bowl





12” finish
3” waste
4 1/2” tank outlet center


Elongated bowl, light crazing and deglossing inside bowl.





14” finish, 4” flange 4 1/4” tank outlet using straight flush tube


Round front Bowl, excellent condition


A note about “Washout” vs. “Washdown” Toilet Bowls:   Washout bowls do not always  have an integral “S” trap, instead the trap is installed in the floor to prevent sewer gases from entering the room. This makes them unsuitable for use on existing modern plumbing. Washout toilets do not have a large standing water surface (a “pool” of water in them), so keeping them clean can be difficult and odors may be a problem. Though many are still in use today, we at Bathroom Machineries generally don’t recommend that washout bowls be used in bathrooms that will receive more than infrequent use. These are best used for historical and “museum quality” restorations or in the private bathrooms of “hard core” restoration enthusiasts! 
   Washdown toilet bowls made from about 1890 on are basically the same as modern bowls in design and function. Washdown bowls can almost always be adapted to work with modern plumbing, though many require special rough-ins or that a high tank be used to achieve an adequate flush. As with any item you see on this site, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our selection of antique fixtures and will gladly guide you though selecting age-appropriate fixtures and accessories for your restoration project.

Original Toilets







Replacement Tank Lids for Antique Toilets

All Bathroom Machineries Original Antique toilet bowls, sinks, and fixtures are carefully cleaned, sanitized, water tested, & inspected for the tiniest defects. 
We are not a salvage yard, we are architectural antique restoration specialists
committed to providing  like-new and professionally restored fixtures.


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