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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

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Common Carrier Freight Items

Items that are too heavy or bulky to send via UPS or US Mail must be sent via common carrier in a crate. Items that MUST be shipped via common carrier include:
Antique & Refinished Bath Tubs
Original Antique Pedestal Sinks
Cast Iron Fixtures over 18” in any dimension.
Antique Marble Tops
Sideboard/Farmhouse Sinks
Any unusually large or fragile item that needs special handling

Please note: our automated shopping cart does not calculate freight for items that require truck shipment. The shipping for freight items will be charged according to the rates shown on this page.

Crating Charges: Before an item is shipped, a custom crate must be built to insure safe delivery. Building crates involves a considerable expenditure of time, labor, and materials. (Lumber isn’t cheap!)  Crating charges allow us to recoup a fraction of the actual cost to pack an item securely to insure it’s safe delivery.

Crating Charges

Original Antique Tubs


Original Pedestal Sinks


Marble Tops


Large Wall-Hung Sinks


Sideboard Sinks


Minimum Crating Charge


Please Note: The price on new clawfoot and pedestal tubs includes crating and shipping.
Cast Iron sinks, even small ones, may need to be sent via common carrier even though they are physically small enough to ship via UPS. The sharp edges on these items tend to break through foam and cardboard packing material during handling necessitating a more secure shipping method. We reserve the right to choose the method of shipment.
Common Carriers deliver to curbside only!

Truck Freight Charges: Rates for common carrier delivery are highly variable and depend much on where the item is being shipped. The typical price range is $300 to $750, depending on distance from Murphys, CA.  Average lead-time is 1 to 3 weeks. Call or email with your complete shipping address and a description of the item(s) in which you are interested and we can provide a more accurate quote. Please indicate whether the address is a commercial or residential address.
Note: Shipments to commercial addresses (I.E. to a loading dock or place with a forklift) can be considerably less expensive than residential deliveries where a smaller truck with a lift gate is required.  You may be able to save 20 to 40% of the total shipping cost by having the item delivered to a local business or your place of employment.
Important!:  We can only estimate approximate freight charges as there is no way to know ahead of time exactly how much an item will weigh before it is actually crated and placed on a scale. In most cases, we err on the side of caution and over-estimate slightly. In the event that actual shipping charges are less than quoted, we will pass the savings on to you.
  It is Extremely Important that you uncrate and inspect the item as soon as possible after shipment. Freight damage claims must be made within the time specified on the bill of lading.
Air Freight: Air freight is available for rush orders on in-stock items. Minimum Air Freight cost is $450 plus any special handling. Additional courier fees may apply at the receiving end if the item cannot be picked up at the nearest air shipment hub. Please call for particulars.

Click Here for information on regular UPS and US Mail shipping

Shipping Disclaimer: Once merchandise leaves our warehouse, it becomes the responsibility of the shipper and the receiving party. Bathroom Machineries is not responsible for lost, delayed, or damaged shipments. We do not guarantee freight rates or delivery times other than to make reasonable estimates.


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