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The Crane Plumbing Company was famous for it’s high-end faucets and fixtures. Crane used dozens of stylish and innovative designs, most utilizing non-standard features.  Crane was bought out in the 1970’s, and the new owner discontinued all parts.  Finding parts for some of these fixtures can be a challenge. Below are some of the solutions we at Bathroom Machineries have managed to come up with with links to our repair parts pages.

Crane Sunnyday, Kitchen Queen, Kitchen Pride, and Homemaker  Sinks

These sideboard sinks featured an “oddball” faucet on 11-1/2” centers on a 45 degree angle. A lever diverter or sprayer occupied the 4th or 5th holes (if so equipped).
Solutions:  A replacement faucet for the 11” center, entire faucet mounts on the slanted portion of the sink is now available.  Click here to view.  Faucets that have the spout mounted above the slanted portion can be replaced with a modern widespread kitchen faucet, just be sure the faucet uses braided flexible supplies between the valves and the spout.  Sinks that use the plastic plate are an entirely different matter, see below.

“Before” & “After” photos of a Crane Sunnyday faucet sent to us for repair.  The faucet was rebuilt completely and given new chrome plating to restore it to 100%
factory-new condition. Click on either photo to be taken to our restorations page.

Crane Kitchen Faucets with Plastic plate:
Some Crane kitchen sinks used a large chrome plated plastic faucet mounting plate over a large rectangular hole in the sink.  We’ve cast a replacement in aluminum. 


19-CDPB Chrome plated plate (pictured at right) 495.00 addtocartmini
19-CDPA Aluminum plate with silver powdercoat 395.00 addtocartmini
Replacement faucets for this sink configuration simply do not exist, for the plate to work properly, one MUST have the original faucet as the plate is supported by the faucet.

Crane Faucets with “Fork” type Drain Actuators:
The “keyhole” shaped center hole shown on the sink at right indicates that the sink was made by Crane. Crane sinks of this vintage use a special drain actuated by a fork-shaped lift mechanism as shown in the drawing below.
Sinks with this type of hole configuration cannot use a standard mixing spout or pop-up drain.
Solutions: The preferred option is to restore the existing faucet and drain.  

Crane made approximately 20 different fork assemblies for various models of sinks; we don’t “part out” Crane faucets but have a few original Crane forks in stock. Call for Details. 

Buyer Beware: We see a lot of Crane sinks that were picked up “cheap” at yard sales by people thinking they were getting a great deal until they discovered that some completely restored Crane faucets can sell for nearly $1000.

Replacement Drain Forks for Crane: Crane made at least 20 different fork assemblies for different models of sinks. If you have a broken fork, send the assembly to us and we’ll try to match it up with one from our stock. Click here for information on sending us your drain fork. If your sink is missing the fork entirely, the odds of

Diagram above shows how integral  spout and lift fork work the drain stopper on Crane Lavatory sinks.

our having exactly the right fork are slim. (notice the variety of lengths and bends in the 5 forks pictured above.) Please call for more information. 
15-CFORK Original Crane Drain Fork  175.00 ea,  Call 800-255-4426 for ordering info.

Sinks with Integral Porcelain Spouts (Crane and others)

Sink with integral spout has water connections that connect to porcelain with rubber compression fittings

Picture at left shows a sink with an integral porcelain spout. The small holes on the underside of the spout are where the tubing from the hot and cold valves connect to the porcelain. The original fittings used a rubber compression washer to connect the brass tubing to the water pathway. After years of use, these rubber seals fail.
Solution:  We manufacture new replacement compression fittings for these sinks. Order from our “Crane Parts” page.  Do-it-yourself solution:  We’ve also have used epoxy paste to glue brass compression fittings into the inlet holes.  New copper tubing may then be used to connect the old hot & cold valves or the flex lines from the hot and cold valves from a New Widespread Lavatory Faucet may be connected to the compression fittings.

Sinks with Integral Spout and Integral Water Pathway

Some Crane sinks used completely concealed water pathways. These sinks are hollow inside; the mixing spout and waterway is cast as an integral part of the sink. The only parts of the hot and cold valves that protrude from the sink slab are the handles on top and the water connection on the bottom. The rubber washers that seal the brass to the porcelain usually fail causing leaks, or the valves themselves wear out.
Solutions: This used to be where the customer would hear laughter in the background, and us saying, “The plumber cut the valve body in half!?!”  Now, we have a solution!  We’re reproducing the entire valve assembly for this faucet.  Click Here to be taken to that page or simply click on “Faucet parts” in the links bar below.  Our new valve assembly is #86-F97.

Crane Drexel sink showing the internal water pathway to the integral spout. Stems seal directly to the porcelain with no exposed brass mixing tubes.

Crane Faucet Stems and Valve Bodies

Faucet Parts

Drain Parts

I.D. Crane Faucets

Crane Single Control Valves

About Crane Fixtures

Crane Stems & Valve Bodies

Crane Repair Tools & Tips

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to view or selection of refurbished original antique faucets.


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