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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Antique Keys

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key11 new

#11 Double Bit Keys
Huge variety of ages and styles, some quite old.
1” to 2” average size.
Each: 1.20
(limited quantity available.)

#12 Flat Stamped Steel Keys
Old warded tumbler keys of the type used on suit cases, trunks, padlocks, and dispensers. Most have light rust, most are chrome plated, some plain steel.
Each: .40
10 pack: 3.00
100 Pack: 20.00

Please note: The keys pictured on this page are representative samples only. The keys you get will be similar but not identical. We have tried to show the “average” in how the keys generally appear, we did not single out the best examples for these photos.

#15 Fancy Bow Keys
Various sizes and styles of keys with unusually decorative bows. Most date from 1910 and before.
Each:  9.50 
(very limited quantity on hand)

key15 new

Quantity discounts on keys? The 100 pack prices shown here are our bottom-line price on any quantity of keys over 100. Sorting through our multi-ton pile of keys is very labor intensive and even more so for large orders. Whether we sort out 100 keys or 6000, our labor cost remains the same. (Not to mention it’s dirty, dusty, rusty work involving close association with lots of spiders!)  Keys that do not list a 100 pack price are not abundant enough in our collection to fill large orders.

#17 House and Automotive Keys
This is a mix of your average “Yale” type house key, padlock keys, and car keys.  These keys are from England, so the car keys are mostly European keys, with a large chunk from Ford and Chrysler.  Many have plastic bows.
Each: .25
10 pack: 2.25
100 pack: 22.00


Please: Do not ask us to find a key “just like the one in the picture”.
The keys in these pictures are representative only! 
 We promise to pick out the best and most interesting keys in our bins at the time of your order.

#18 Vending Machine Keys
Tube-type keys like those used on Soda Machines
Each:  .75
10 pack:  5.00

#19 Long Safe Keys
Flat, hex, and Star pattern keys for floor and fire safes. Misc. sizes and shapes up to 6”
Each: 5.50 
(limited stock on hand.)

#20 Miscellaneous Odd Shaped Keys
The oddballs. Some old, some newer, all sizes, all guaranteed to have weird bows, strange shanks, or just plain be strange enough not to fit into other categories.
Each: 1.50
(limited stock on hand)

Key4B “Bramah” Key
Bramah Keys and locks were invented by Joseph Bramah in 1784.  The company is still in business making high security low-volume locks in Britain.  We believe our keys range from the mid 19th century to the early 20 century.  Advertised as the first “unpickable” lock, it was finally defeated after 70 years, and took the person who picked it 16 days!  This website has more information on the history behind Joseph Bramah, a Victorian era mechanical genius.
Own a piece of locksmithing history
Key4B Bramah Key   9.00

bramah 2

Cotterill’s Climax Safe Key
One of the first “detector” locks, these keys date to the mid to late 19th century.  Detector locks were invented to let the owner of a safe know if someone had tampered with the lock, or had tried to use a copied key in the safe.  Often, the lock would capture the fake key, and the safe would have to be completely reworked to once again function.  Most of these keys are stamped “Cotterill, Birmingham” or sometimes “Patent Acme”.  All of these keys have moderate to heavy rust.

But, being they’re somewhere between 150 to 200 years old, they’re entitled!  We tried to find a website telling more history about this company, and have yet to come up with one.
KeyClimax Cotterill Safe key  SOLD OUT

Please note:
We’ve had many requests for “that key in the picture” or “I’m ordering Key9’s, but I only want 4” long ones”.   We can accommodate your special requests but there will be a labor charge involved.  Our Labor rate is $95 an hour with a minimum charge of $10 if you are looking for a particular shape of key.  We can only guess at the amount of time it will take to find that “special” key so be sure to contact us before placing your order.  E-mail us at info@deabath.com for an idea of the labor charge.

Reproduction Keys


Solid Brass Reproduction Keys
We had these keys cast from originals at a local foundry.   Yes, that is an ballpoint pen in the picture.  These are a bit larger than your average key.
Getting ready to present the key to a city?  The top one will do!  It’s 12 1/2” long with plenty of material on the bow for a inscription to be engraved.  Weight is almost 2 pounds of  solid yellow brass.

The key on the bottom is 8” long and a bit more decorative than the others.  Also of solid brass, this would make a great memento for the selling or buying of a property.

The key in the middle is 5” long and would be suitable for just about any momentous occasion.  There’s plenty of room for engraving work on the bow of this one...
Polished Nickel finish available for an up-charge
1KEY12  195.00
1KEY8    49.00  
1KEY5    39.00

 Our reproduction Handcuffs are 11” in overall length and feature a swivel link between the cuffs. Includes one key per set.  Nickel plated cuffs have solid 1-pc wristbands.
NHC Nickel plated handcuff  31.00


Check out our reproduction Padlocks!  Click here

Antique Keys

Antique Keys Page 1

Antique Keys Page 2


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