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Ifo toilets combine inovation, style, and quality to provide reliable one-flush operation with European decorator styling. Ifo was the first low water comsumption toilet to gain acceptance in the American market, long before low-flow toilets were mandated by U.S. law.
   With decades of experience in making low consumption toilets that really work, Ifo remains the world leader in sanitaryware technology. If you are ready to step up to the next level of comfort, quality, and trouble-free convenience, choose Ifo.

Important: Ifo toilets are constructed to European standards and have different plumbing requirements than U.S. made toilets. Please refer to the rough-in diagrams before ordering.

4” rough-in model

Rear discharge model

Concealed cistern model
40-3893 wall-hung model

 Cera models feature Ifo’s unique dual-flush mechanism. Press the lever one way for a  full flush, or the other way for a water-saving half volume flush. All models ship complete with stainless steel floor mounting screws, cover caps, and operating & maintainance instructions.

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4” rough-in

Replaces 3250, 3260, 3300, 3460, 3500
Regular floor outlet model discontinued, but can be replaced with 40-3862 and closet ell



Rear discharge

Floor mount. Discharge 7.5” above floor.
This product does not meet California's Title 20  requirements, and cannot be sold to addresses within California



Wall Hung

Replaces 3473. In-wall tank model
This product does not meet California's Title 20  requirements, and cannot be sold to addresses within California


Ifo toilets ship by truck or air freight only (no UPS). $25 per pallet crating charge, 8 toilets maximum per pallet. Actual shipping costs can vary greatly depending on destination and shipping method desired. Our online order form will indicate an incorrect (UPS) shipping rate. Actual shipping costs for one toilet can range from $100 to $250.  Please call or email with your shipping address for a free quote. Please note: deliveries to residential addresses can be 40% more than deliveries to a commercial loading dock. You may wish to arrange to have the item delivered to a local business or your place of employment.

Ifo Rear Outlet to Floor Conversion Elbow
This elbow will allow your plumber to convert the 40-3862 rear discharge Cera toilet over to the stock European 4” rough-in floor discharge.  This elbow is made of PVC plastic, and simply presses over the outlet stub.  The bottom will fit into a 4” ABS hub (using silicone sealant) or can be attached to spigot ends with a Fernco coupling.  Center to end is 9”
40-100551 Conversion elbow 39.00 addtocartmini


  Ifo 4004 Aqua Bidet
A compact bidet that fits where others won’t. Allows plumbing to be roughed in through either floor or wall.
Sold less valve, can use any fixture-mount single hole bidet faucet.
40-4004B Aqua Bidet (Bone only) 241.00 addtocartmini
This product does not meet California's Title 20  requirements, and cannot be sold to addresses within California

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Ifo Toilets are constructed to European rough-in dimensions. American-made toilets utitlize a 12” rough-in (distance from center of waste pipe to wall studs) The Ifo model 3860 uses a 4”rough-in, all others discharge through the wall.  Special plumbing allowances must be made to install an Ifo toilet on North American plumbing. Ideally, the waste pipe can be located in the proper position during the rough plumbing stage. It may not be feasible to retrofit an existing 12” or 14” rough-in to accomodate one of these toilets, especially on concrete floors or in 2nd story installations. Click on the model numbers below for rough-in specifications.





Click on Model numbers above for PDF format specifications sheets

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