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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm


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New from Bathroom Machineries
This is a solid brass transom window operator for the window above  a door in older buildings. Made from brass rod and heavy brass  cast fittings, this is the best operator we have seen. Moving  the thumb plate at the bottom of the 11/32" solid brass rod  up or down opens and closes the window. The double spring lock retains the window in position.  Assembly comes in unlacquered brass and Polished Nickel is available for an upcharge.  Reversible for use on right or left side of window.  Window arm is adjustable for varying thickness of frames.
15-TO Transom Operator 349.00 addtocartmini
Style of fittings may change slightly without notice.

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New Design!

All parts are hand-polished, fitted, and inspected right in our own shop for guaranteed quality and attention to detail.

transom op

Transom Operator Applications & Specifications: Our transom operator is patterned after a 1920’s original unit and is designed to work on bottom-hinged windows up to 18” x 24”. 
We’ve seen these operators used on bottom-hinged windows up to 20” x 30” and on small top-hinged windows up to 12” x 24”.  As long as the window can be easily opened and closed using a thumb and forefinger grasp on one side of the frame, this operator can usually be used. Please be sure that you have adequate headroom above the window for installation, 9’ min. ceiling height is usually required.
    Due to the 100’s of different window sizes and styles used over the years, there is no way for us to determine the suitability of the this operator for use on windows outside of the parameters listed above. (Please don’t call or E-mail just to ask if we think it will work on your window, all we’ll do is tell you to order one to see if it works!)  !
   We do not publish a specifications sheet other than the picture shown above;  the mounting positions for the wall and frame hardware used on one window might not work on another due to differences in size, weight, and friction. Usually some experimentation is needed to find the optimal hardware mounting points.
   We can supply longer wall rods and “Z” rods for higher or larger windows, we cannot design the needed parts,  we can only manufacture these custom parts to your specification. We cannot guarantee that they will work on your window! 
   Stock Transom operators are covered under our 60-day “satisfaction guaranteed” policy. As long as you don’t cut or alter the rods, we’ll refund your purchase price if it doesn’t work out.


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