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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Mortise Locks & Parts

Old Time Mortise Lock Closeout!
Replaces most interior mortise locks used in the early 1900s.  Thumb turn only, non-locking.   Bright brass plated finish, Reversible for left or right hand applications.  Includes standard 9/32" spindle and 1" x 4" strike  plate. 2 1/4" diameter round knobs. Face plate is 1"x  6" long.  Spring latch has  a 3/8" throw; 1/2" throw deadlock. Mortise cut out is 4 1/8"  high x 3" deep. Easy to install- screws included.  2-1/4” Backset.
Limited to stock on hand
w/ thumb turn one side, no keys 17.00 reserve
(Thumb turn latch may be opened from outside with small screwdriver in case of accidental lock-in.)


Note’ the above lockset is NOT chrome, it’s polished brass!

Glass Knob Brass Mortise Lock
Same as above set except with glass instead of brass handles. Available with thumb turn (pictured.) Mortice cut out is 3 1/8” tall by 3 1/4” deep, strike plate is 1” x 4”.  Face is 1” by 5 1/2”.  Thumb turn latch lockset may be opened from outside with a small screwdriver in case of accidental lock-in. Limited to stock on hand.
88-44622  Glass knob mortise lock was 29.95
Closeout 18.00 reserve

Glass Door Knobs
These glass door knobs are a great replacement  for old, worn knobs. Standard 9/32" spindle will fit most  locks and is 3 1/2" long. Crystal knob is 2" in diameter  and has a brass plated base which will fit a 5/8" socket. Use as replacement for broken originals.
05-380 Crystal Knob and Spindle  Set 15.95  reserve

Replacement Hardware for Old Mortise Lock & Passage Sets

Door Knob Rose
Solid Brass replacement door knob roses, 2-1/2” outside diameter, 5/8” inside diameter. Clear protective coating. Four screws included, compatible with most knob sizes.
91-1141 Brass Rose, pair. 9.85

Headless Brass Screws
5/16" long by 1/4"-20 thread.
91-760-02 Brass Spindle Screw
.50   reserve
91-760-02-25 Bag of 25 Screws
7.50 reserve

Headless Plated Screws
Brass plated steel, 3/8" by 1/4"-20 thread.
91-760-03 Plated Spindle Screw .60  reserve             
91-760-03-25 Bag of 25 Plated  Screws 8.95  reserve

eni knobs

Original Rim Lock Knob Sets
Not Reproduction!  These sets will have the dings and dents of many years of use.  Best go first!  Please indicate width of spindle in “Comments” field during checkout.  Most are 9/32”.  Steel portions of knob might have light rust or paint.  Sold in a set.
OBK Black knob set 25.00 reserve 
OWK White knob set 25.00 reserve

Original Glass Mortise Knob Sets
Fix up that old door with a set of original knobs!  Brass will be original, not repolished.  Some sets may have paint splatter, please indicate width of spindle in “Comments” field during checkout.   Most are 9/32” with various threads.  Sold in a set, best goes first.
OGK Glass knob set 35.00 reserve

glass knob
brass knobs

Old Brass Mortise Knob Sets
These knob sets have great patina, and we didn’t dare polish that off....  Spindle measures 5/16” square.  Knobs themselves have a series of concentric steps in them to supply good grip and adds a nice Deco flair  We think ‘30’s vintage.  Sold in a set, several sets available
OMK Metal knob set 70.00 reserve

Please note, all of the above antique knobs are sold in sets.  A set consists of two knobs, and one spindle


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