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Tin Toys

Here at Bathroom Machineries, we are always on the lookout for something new that makes all of us say “Hey, that’s really cool”.  The below toys did the trick to all who saw them.  Yes, these are reproductions, but they did a really nice job.  No, these aren’t to scale, but the original tin toys rarely were.  We like them, and wanted to share them with you.


Ford Model “A” Fire Chief's truck
This is a great reproduction Tin fire truck toy.  The paint on it has been nicely aged to give it an “old” look.  The detailing on this really makes it stand out, and it will look great on the chief's desk!  This collectible tin truck measures 13 1/2” long and stands 6” tall.  Wheels do roll.  Not recommended for children under 10.
33-1065 Model A truck SOLD OUT

Volkswagen Type 2 “Splittie” Fire engine
I’m thinking some “creative liberties” were used when this toy was made.  It’s based on the classic 1956 Volkswagen type 2 “Kombi” but if built as designed, there’s not much room for the engine...  It is cool, though.  Nicely detailed, perfect for the VW fan in your life.  This truck measures 13 1/2” long and stands 8” tall.  The paint has been aged to give it a more vintage look.  Not recommended for children under 10.
33-562 VW Fire van SOLD OUT


Union Pacific 2-6-0 Mogul Steam Engine
This is one cool tin toy.  It’ll look great on any Railfan’s shelf!  It is based on the SP M-21 class Mogul, even down to the Vanderbilt tender, but is lettered Union Pacific.  It’s not unusual for the tin toy makers to take liberties, and this is intended to be a toy, not a correct model.  Considering everything, the detailing is nice.  It’s 25” long and stands 7” tall.  This isn’t recommended for children under 10.
33-156 Steam Engine SOLD OUT

Ford Model “T” Fire Truck
Lettered for “San Jose Fire”, this truck is based on a 1914 Ford Model T.  Again, the detail work is nice considering that it is intended as a toy.  Wheels move, the vehicle stands 8 1/2” tall and is 15 1/2” long.  Not intended for childen under 10
33-1057 Model T fire truck SOLD OUT


1920’s Rolls (?) Fire Engine
We believe the designers of this toy loosely based the design on an early 1920’s Rolls Royce front clip, but the rest was a bit of a mystery.  It could be American - Lafrance, but we just could not find something that would match the various details of this toy.  It is well detailed and looks great, we just aren’t sure what it was based on...  It does stand 8” tall, it’s 15 1/2” long and is lettered for the “So. Prairie Fire Dept.”.  Not intended for children under 10
33-083 1920’s fire engine 69.00 addtocartmini

1945 Mack Pumper Engine
Well, at least we think it’s based on a ‘45 Mack.  Mack's of that vintage had a distinctive grille, and we feel this captured the essence of that.  The detailing is great on this pumper, it’s lettered for the South Prairie F.D., and it’s not intended for children under 10.  This engine is 15 1/2” long and stands 6 1/2” tall.  Don’t let it drive away!
33-345 Mack Pumper engine 69.00 addtocartmini


1936 Diamond T Pumper Engine
This is one cool toy!  The maker really tried to emulate the distinctive grille and fenders of the late 1930’s Diamond T trucks.  We located a photo on the web of a practically identical fire engine, and that was a 1936.  This is perfect for the Firefighter in your life!  This engine measures 18 1/2” long, and stands 6 3/4” tall.  It’s not intended for children under 10.
33-1049 Diamond T Pumper engine SOLD OUT

Remember, these are toys, these are not intended to be accurate scale models of various vehicles.  As with many tin toys, many of the details are hand painted and may show brush strokes.  Liberties have been taken with design.  We have tried to decipher the make and model to the best of our ability, your opinion may differ.


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