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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Cleaners, Polishes, & Porcelain Repair

Miracle Scrub Cream Cleaner
Removes mineral deposits, rust, lime scale and soap scum from  glass, porcelain, chrome and fiberglass. A heavy-duty mildly abrasive cleanser, it’s not recommended for refinished tubs or sinks.
87-PC Miracle Scrub, 16 oz.  9.95 addtocartmini

The Invisible Shield
A great product that will seal the surface of worn tubs and basins. Shines and protects showers, tubs, sinks, tile and glass. Repels water, soil, stains, mildew and mineral  deposits.
87-IS Invisible Shield, 16 oz. 12.99 addtocartmini

The best abrasive cleaner and stain remover we have found.  Works great for removing most rust stains from old tubs and sinks. And marble too!
69-ZUD Zud, large 16 oz. can 6.95addtocartmini

The Original
Twenty Mule Team Boraxo

Original Boraxo® Powdered Soap for use in the dispenser.
5 lb. box.
89-2203 15.95 addtocartmini

gel gloss 4

Gel Gloss One-Step Cleaner and Polish
For fiberglass, marble, acrylic, & porcelain. A highly effective blend of cleaners and carnuba waxes that produce the highest surface luster possible while leaving behind a smooth, sealed surface that resists staining and hard water deposits.  Recommended by most marble, fiberglass, and acrylic fixture manufacturers as the cleaner of choice.  Restores luster to worn surfaces while deep cleaning.
69-GA-12 Gel-Gloss 12 oz. Spray Can  10.95 addtocartmini
58-GG-1    Gel-Gloss 16 oz. liquid    13.95 addtocartmini


New! Gel Gloss brand Metal Polishes and Treatments
No Streak is one of the best chrome polishes we’ve found.  It’s so fine, it’ll even work great on glass.  Guaranteed to not streak, even in sunlight! 8 oz. bottle.
Faucet Brite is a sealer that works wonders on your Coated metal (Brass, or chrome) bath fixtures.  It’s polymer-based formula actually repels water to keep it from lifting the clear coat off your expensive fixtures!  8 oz. bottle
58-NS8 No Streak polish 6.75 addtocartmini
58-FB8 Faucet Brite Sealer  10.95

faucet brite

Nevr Dull
The original Nevr Dull Magic Wadding Polish! A small portion  of the impregnated wadding cleans and polishes silver, gold,  brass, copper, pewter, glass, steel, aluminum and chrome.
30-1001 Nev’r Dull, 5 oz. can 17.59 addtocartmini

Please note, aerosol cans cannot be shipped overseas, nor can they be shipped by any other service other than ground shipping.

Porcelain Repair, Refinishing, and Touch-Up

Industrial Grade off white epoxy adhesive. Excellent for general purpose porcelain repair. Can be sanded, drilled, and painted when dry. Includes white resin, hardener, and two stir sticks. This is the product Bathroom Machineries uses for all of its in-house porcelain repairs and restorations. Cured color is slightly off-White.  A superior product!
92-HYSOL 4 oz. White industrial epoxy kit    23.50 addtocartmini

New Hysol

Professional Porcelain Repair Kit
A two-part system which includes a 1 oz. jar of white epoxy filler, 1 tube of hardener, 1 can of white surface repair spray,  10 stir stick / applicators, and an assortment of coarse and fine sandpapers. Enough for dozens of spot & chip repairs or several crack repairs.  We suggest also purchasing a can of clear surface repair (sold separately below) to achieve a truly glossy finish. Also excellent for fiberglass repairs on boats, shower units, and hot tubs.
97-510 2-part chip repair kit 46.95 addtocartmini

Surface Repair Refinishing Spray
Now, at last- a spray acrylic enamel specifically designed for resurfacing of porcelain enamel surfaces on plumbing fixtures and appliances.  Can be used for both spot repairs and complete refinishing. A complete tub will require 2 cans. Safe for acrylic and gel-coat fiberglass. Surface must be clean and sanded before using. Use the clear finish on tubs that are slightly worn but still have a white surface.
97-112  Plumbing White   29.95      addtocartmini
97-242   Plumbing  Bone    29.95     addtocartmini
97-610 Clear gloss sealer 29.95     addtocartmini
97-560 Pre-cleaner           15.95     addtocartmini

Surface Repair clear sealer is also an excellent protective coating for polished brass, far superior to regular lacquer.

Click Here for How-To Information in using Surface Repair and epoxy products to make professional repairs to your own sinks, toilets, and plumbing fixtures.

Please note, aerosol cans cannot be shipped overseas, nor can they be shipped by any other service other than ground shipping.


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