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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Widespread and Bridge Faucets

Ceramic Cross Quarterturn Widespread faucet
This faucet gives the look of the 1920’s, but with modern functionality.  The ceramic cross handles and escutcheons provide the period feel, but the valves use quarterturn ceramic cartridges for ease of use.  Valve bodies will fit sinks with holes as small as 1 1/4” in diameter.  Spout is the same as the deco spout below.  This set will fit on widespread sinks with holes up to 12” apart, and the maximum thickness of the sink is 1 1/2”.  Supplied with


matching pop-up drain assembly.  Please note, handles are ceramic and can fracture with little or no warning, especially if mis-used.  Four finishes available, click on photo for larger view.
79-P152PC Chrome widespread faucet 538.40  addtocartmini
79-P152PL Polished and Coated Brass Widespread faucet  543.40  addtocartmini
79-P152PN Polished Nickel Widespread faucet  538.40  addtocartmini
79-P152PBN Brushed nickel Widespread faucet 578.40 addtocartmini
Raw, Satin, or Uncoated Brass available as a special order item, call or e-mail for details

79-P152C thumb

Quarter Turn Ceramic  Deco Widespread
Faucet replicates the look a classic 1930’s Art Deco design faucet like those made by ‘Standard’ and others. Ceramic cartridges guaranty a long, trouble-free service life. Faucet flange bases measure 2-7/8”, spout base is 2-1/2”. Valve bodies are only 1 1/4” diameter allowing installation on those sinks with small holes. Valves will work on sinks up to 1-1/2” thick at faucet hole.

  Pop-up drain flange is 2-1/8” diameter, drain body will fit in drain holes as small as 1-1/2” in diameter. Faucet trim features deco-style hexagon flanges and matching deco handles with porcelain hot and cold inserts. Chrome and nickel trims are triple-plated for superior durability. Supercoat brass finish is scratch and tarnish resistant.
79-P152C Deco Widespread Faucet, Polished chrome finish 569.60    addtocartmini
79-P152L Deco Widespread Faucet, Coated pol.brass finish 573.60   addtocartmini
79-P152N Deco Widespread Faucet, Polished Nickel finish 569.60     addtocartmini
79-P152BN Deco Widespread Faucet, Brushed Nickel finish 605.20   addtocartmini 
 Raw, Satin, or Uncoated Brass available as a special order item, call or e-mail for details

Quarter Turn Ceramic Widespread Classic Style Faucet
This versatile faucet is available in 4 finishes.  Rounded lines are reminiscent of the classic designs of the ‘teens’ and twenties. Spout base measures 2-1/2” when installed with stepped trim ring (as shown) or 2” when installed without. Handle flanges measure  2-1/4” when installed without. Fits 6” to 16” faucet centers
on sinks with max. thickness of 1-1/2.

79-P140BN thumb

Valves and spout fit on sinks with holes as small as 1 1/4” dia.  6” spout, includes pop-up drain. Quarter-turn ceramic valves for long, trouble-free service life. CA Certified Low Flow
79-P140C Widespread classic style faucet, Polished Chrome 537.20          addtocartmini
79-P140L Widespread classic style faucet, Coated polished brass 540.40  addtocartmini
79-P140N Widespread classic style faucet, Polished Nickel  537.20           addtocartmini
79-P140BN Widespread classic style faucet, Brushed nickel 578.00           addtocartmini  
Raw, Satin, or Uncoated Brass available as a special order item, call or e-mail for details
Other handles and escutcheons can be special ordered for the above faucet.  Call or e-mail for details!

Widespread “bridge” tap fits across common 8” and 12” hole spacings on older sinks without a center hole for a mixing spout. Modern mixing faucet convenience with classic styling!

Widespread Gooseneck “Bridge-type” Faucet
Beautiful faucet design is perfect  for older pedestal sinks with a widespread between faucet  holes. Available in 8" and 12" centerspread and 4 finishes.  Connection through sink is made with a 1/2" ips nipple  (7/8" OD) so it will fit through those odd square holes.  Escutcheon is 2 7/8" diameter at bottom. Gooseneck is  10 1/4" high and extends 5".  CA certified Low Flow


8” Coated Brass




8” Polished Chrome




8” Polished Nickel




8” Brushed Nickel



Uncoated Brass available as a special order item, call for pricing


12” Coated Brass




12” Polished Chrome




12” Polished Nickel




12” Brushed Nickel



Can’t find a faucet to fit that old sink? Restore the old one!
Click here for more information.

Low Spout Widespread “Bridge” Faucet
Don’t like the look of a Gooseneck faucet?  That’s okay by us!  This is the same faucet as the above P558 Bridge faucet except for a nice, low rise spout.  CA Certified low flow.
79-P549-8L 8” Coated brass 516.40 addtocartmini
79-P549-8C 8” Chrome         511.60 addtocartmini
79-P549-8N 8” Pol. Nickel    511.60 addtocartmini
79-P549-8BN 8” Br. Nickel  527.60 addtocartmini

79-P549-12L 12” Coated brass 566.80 addtocartmini
79-P549-12C 12” Chrome         562.40 addtocartmini
79-P549-12N 12” Pol. Nickel    562.40 addtocartmini
79-P549-12BN 12” Br. Nickel  586.40 addtocartmini


Raw, Satin, or Uncoated Brass available as a special order item, call for pricing

Adjustable Center Bridge Faucets
Perfect for those odd center applications!

Adjustable Centers Bridge Faucet
The swivel unions on this faucet allow it to adjust to fit sink hole spacings from 4” center to 6” center.  This faucet features lead free brass construction, with long life ceramic cartridges.  The spout does not swivel, and extends out 5” from ball on end of spout.  This faucet is supplied with a lift and turn drain, and the set comes in 5 decorative finishes
79-P1006C Chrome faucet  468.00              addtocartmini
79-P1006L Ctd Brass faucet, 473.20           addtocartmini
79-P1006N Nickel faucet  468.00                addtocartmini
79-P1006BN Brushed Nickel faucet 500.40 addtocartmini
79-P1006O Oil Rub Bronze faucet  508.40    addtocartmini

Raw, Satin, or Uncoated Brass available as a special order item, call for pricing


Wider Adjustable Centers Bridge Faucet
This faucet will fit onto faucet centers ranging from 6” to 8”.  The ingenious solution is the swivel unions on the spout bridge.  This faucet features solid lead-free brass construction with ceramic disk cartridges.  The spout does not swivel, and extends out 5” from the ball on bottom of spout.  Comes in five finishes, and is supplied with a Lift and Turn Drain assembly.
79-P1007C Chrome faucet  506.00       addtocartmini
79-P1007L Ctd Brass faucet 510.80     addtocartmini
79-P1007N Pol. Nickel faucet 506.00   addtocartmini
79-P1007BN Br. Nickel faucet 551.20  addtocartmini
79-P1007O Oil rub Brz faucet 551.20    addtocartmini

Raw, Satin, or Uncoated Brass available as a special order item, call for pricing

Widest Adjustable Centers Bridge Faucet
This bridge faucet will span centers from 8” to 10”.  Supplied with a lift and turn drain assembly.  Faucet spout does not swivel and extends from ball at base of faucet 5”.  This helps solve those oddball spacings found on older Bathroom sinks and it’s available in five finishes.
79-P1007-10C Chrome faucet 553.20      addtocartmini
79-P1007-10L Ctd Brass faucet 557.60   addtocartmini
79-P1007-10N Nickel faucet 553.20        addtocartmini
79-P1007-10BN Br. Nick. faucet 602.00 addtocartmini
79-P1007-10O Oil rub Brz. fct. 602.00    addtocartmini 


Got a sink with only two faucet holes wider than 10” apart?  We can help!
Call or e-mail for details!

Looking for faucets to fit an old Crane Sink?  Click Here.


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