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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Tub Spouts

Replacement Art Deco Tub Spout
Replacement spout measures 6-1/4” long with 3/4” FIP inlet (includes bushing for 1/2” IPS as well.) Pipe should protrude from wall 1” for proper fit.
79-P79C Polished Chrome  81.00   reserve
79-P79L Coated polished brass  81.00  reserve
79-P79N Polished Nickel   81.00  reserve

77-185 spout

Converto Spout only
1/2” Female pipe inlet, 3/8” pipe outlet on top of spout accepts common 5/8” O.D. tube risers.  Not for sale or use in CA

77-185SC Chrome 40.00  reserve
77-185SL Brass 75.00    reserve

Crane Diverter Tub Spout
So, you have a Crane tub spout that looks like the top one in the picture, and it’s leaking.  Your plumber removed the original, and discovered a large thread almost 2” across.  Then, you are told that the tile has to go, as spouts like that aren’t made.  Not anymore!
Here at Bathroom Machineries, we came up with an adapter plate that will screw directly onto the old Crane thread, and will adapt that to a modern 1/2” copper compression spout.  The lower spout in the picture is our finished product, and it works great!
We’re selling these two different ways, just the adapter by itself, and complete.

crane new spout
crane adapter

The picture at right shows the adapter by itself.  The beauty of this design is this; using a strap wrench, you tighten the adapter onto the existing Crane thread.  It’ll seal against a rubber washer inside the adapter.  Then, once the adapter is tight, you simply slip the spout on and tighten it’s set screw down.  No more worries about lining the spout up correctly!  If you choose to buy just the adapter without the spout, remember that whatever spout you choose to install, it MUST be the 1/2” copper compression type.  Threaded ones will not work.
86-31220 Adapter only, chrome 150.00 reserve
86-31220S Adapter and spout, chrome 175.00 reserve

This product does not meet California's Title 20  requirements, and cannot be sold to addresses within California

Tub Spout for Dial-Ese 4” Center Valves w/ Metal Plate
Yes!  With a bit of creative machine work, we’ve come up with a way to replace the old Crane spouts like the one at right.  If you have a Crane tub/shower valve with the faucet centers at 4”, the spout nipple measures 1 1/4” across the end,  and there’s a metal plate behind the handles and spout, this is your spout.  These valves were being installed in the 1950’s and 1960’s, so be sure your application meets all the above criteria.  Spout will not be of same appearance, but will fit in application.  Chrome only.
15-114015 Crane Tub spout  4” center application only
 $215.00 reserve

This product does not meet California's Title 20  requirements, and cannot be sold to addresses within California
crane plate spout

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