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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Standard Faucet Handles and Trim

Standard Tub Shower Stems and rebuild kits

Standard Lavatory Stems

Standard Handles, Escutcheons and
Valve Bodies

Standard Lavatory retrim kits and lavatory drain parts

“Will-Fit” Standard Porcelain Cross handle set
This set of porcelain handles was originally designed to fit Price Pfister faucets.  After Price Pfister discontinued them, an aftermarket manufacturer started to duplicate them, and discovered that, with a bit of creativity and a CNC mill, they could make these handles correctly fit many other brands.  This set will bolt correctly onto Standard 22 count splined stems that have a 7/16” stem shank.  Handles are 2 7/8” wide, and come in a set with all you see here.  Chrome only!
86-AS620 Standard handle set 67.00 addtocartmini

ceram handles

Standard Porcelain Cross handles
These are intended to replace the “Keyhole“ handles Standard used back in the 1920’s and early 1930’s.  The originals would have had a metal cap that held a porcelain button labeled “H” or “C”.  Our handles fit Standard stems that are 7/16 shank diameter with 22 splines.  They are 3 1/4” tip to tip.  Note, these handles will not work with Standard stems that have the male thread sticking out.
86-210H Standard “Hot” handle SOLD OUT
86-280C Standard “Cold” SOLD OUT
86-410 Standard Diverter Clearance 25.00 addtocart5

“Standard” Metal Cross Lavatory Sink Handles
Finally!  Replace those old, stripped American Standard metal cross handles with this reproduction.  These were used from the late 1930’s up until the late 1950’s in both deck and shelf applications.  Chrome only,  7/16” Diam. 22 spline, sold in pairs, includes buttons
Am. Std. Handles.  23.00 addtocartmini

80-0100 new

“Standard” Replacement Diverter Handle
After multiple requests, here it is!  This is a Standard Diverter handle used commonly in tub shower applications diring the 1950’s and early 1960’s.  This fits on 7/16” diameter stems that have a tapered 22 spline end.  Chrome only, sold by the each.  These are the same size as the 80-0100 hot/cold handles sold above.
80-0100D Diverter handle 10.50 addtocartmini


“Standard” Replacement Buttons for above handles
Does also fit original Standard brand handles.  Thread on style.  Sold by the each, Chrome only.
86-179H  Hot Button  6.00
86-179C Cold button 6.00
86-179D blank button 6.00 addtocartmini

Lavatory Sink only Handles and Trim

80-0108 new

“Standard” Metal Lever
This particular handle was used on many different “Standard” brand faucets made from the ‘30’s to the mid ‘50’s.  This is a near exact copy of those original handles, down to the slot head retaining screw.  Fits the 7/16” 22 spline American Standard stem.  Sold in pairs, made of Chrome plated zinc.
80-0108 Standard lever handle 16.00/pr addtocartmini


“Standard” Lavatory escutcheon
These escutcheons were commonly used during the 1930’s in many lavatory applications.  They stand 1 3/8” tall and have an outside diameter of 2 1/4”.  Sold by the each, polished chrome finish over zinc.  These would screw directly onto the below escutcheon nipple.
80-6001 Standard escutcheon 12.00  addtocartmini

80-6002 new

“American Standard” Lavatory Escutcheon
Used from the ‘40’s to the late ‘50’s, these escutcheons are exact duplicates of the original.  Chrome plated Zinc, just like the factory version that hasn’t been made for a couple of decades.  2 1/2” OD, 1 11/16” tall, threads onto the stem.  Make that Widespread Standard faucet look new again. Note, this escutcheon does not fit shelfback sinks without using a conversion.  Click here for more information.  Sold by each.  Matches the above 80-0100 Handle set.
80-6002 “Standard” chrome lavy escutcheon 17.00 addtocartmini

“Standard” Canopy handle for Nu-Seal valves
This handle is commonly found on Standard shelfback, deck-mount lavatory and some tub shower faucets made during the 1960s.  Chrome only, sold in pairs.  The handles are 1-9/16” tall, the base is 1 1/2” in diameter, and the maximum width is 2-1/8”.  They are supplied with the handle buttons and retaining screws.  Be sure to check your dimensions, there is a larger version
80-112 Standard Handles, pair 17.00  addtocartmini
80-112D Diverter, not pictured, each 8.50 addtocartmini

Nu seal buttons

Handle Buttons for the above Standard “Canopy” handles
Sold by the each, press in style, polished Stainless steel construction
80-2004H “Hot” button 2.49 addtocartmini
80-2004C “Cold” button 2.49 addtocartmini
80-2004B “Blank” button (not pictured) 2.49 addtocartmini

Standard “Nu-Seal” Canopy lever handles
This handle was commonly used during the late 1950’s through the early 1970’s on many Standard shelf back and deck mount lavatory faucets.  These handles are 2 1/2” long, 1 1/4” tall, and the canopy is 1 1/2” in diameter.  Chrome only, die cast zinc, sold in pairs.  See below for Tub Shower version
80-105 Standard Canopy levers 23.00 addtocartmini

AS trim rings

Standard “Nu-Seal” Lavatory Trim rings
Both of these parts would have commonly been found on Standard brand Lavatory faucets from the 1960’s. The upper ring is actually the retainer ring that screws onto the brass valve body.  It also holds the lower trim ring into place.  This part is just under 1-3/8” in diameter, and it stands 7/16” tall.  Chrome plated, sold by the each. 
80-4151 Standard Sleeve 6.50 addtocartmini

The lower ring in the photo is the escutcheon that’s held on by the above sleeve.  These are polished Stainless steel, and they have an outside diameter of 2-1/4” and an inside diameter of 1-1/4”.  Sold by the each.  Fits Lavatory faucets.
80-4153 Standard escutcheon 7.00 addtocartmini


“Standard” Escutcheon Nut
Early Standard escutcheons did not thread directly onto the stem, they used an escutcheon nut to hold everything together.  This nut screws onto the below nipple, both have a 9/16 x 20 TPI.  This nut is too small for porcelain applications.  This nut is used ONLY with original escutcheons, it is not needed with our reproductions.  Mill finish chrome, sold by the each.
86-941130 Standard escutcheon nut 12.00 addtocartmini


“Standard” Escutcheon Nipple
This is the nipple that allows one to screw the escutcheons onto their respective stems.  Sold by the each. 
86-116820 Nipple 3.50 addtocartmini

Tub/Shower only Handles and Trim


“Standard” Tub Shower Porcelain Escutcheon
These often have the number “R-83” embossed on the back of them.   3 3/16” O.D., 7/8” I.D., and it stands 1 7/16” tall.  These dimensions can vary by 1/8 of an inch.  All date to the 1920’s.  Best goes first.
CA14112 Standard escutcheon 25.00 each


Adapter Escutcheon Nut
This escutcheon nut will allow you to use the above original ceramic escutcheons on the later version (1930’s though late 1950’s) Standard brand stems.  For this to work, you must have stems that use the 9/16” x 20 Threads per inch escutcheon nipple.  Sold by the each, Polished Nickel only.
79-AS100N Adapter escutcheon nut 25.00 addtocartmini

80-6003 new

“American Standard” Tub-Shower Escutcheon
Another hard-to find part, these Chrome plated Zinc “Standard” shower escutcheons were used from the late 1930’s up until the early ‘60’s.  O.D. measures 3” and it stands 1 7/16” tall.  Over time, the original metal reacted with water and slowly corroded away.  Before now, all one could do was replace the valve assembly, and that usually meant a whole new enclosure.  Not anymore!  Sold Ea.
80-6003 “Standard” in wall shower escutcheon 16.00


“Standard Nu Seal” Tub Shower handles
These were commonly used starting in the late 1950’s and ran through the late 1960’s.  These handles stand 1 5/8” tall and are 2 1/2” long overall.  The broach has 22 splines.  Chrome plated Die Cast construction.  Hot and Cold come as a set, Diverter sold separately.
80-91105 Hot/Cold handle set 33.00 addtocartmini
80-91105D Diverter handle  19.20 addtocartmini

“Standard Nu-Seal” Tub Shower Escutcheon and Sleeve
These are the parts that go behind the handles on a Standard brand 1960’s vintage Tub/shower unit.  Sleeve is chrome plated Brass, Escutcheon is stamped Stainless steel.  Sleeve is 1 1/8” tall by 1 3/8” diameter.  Escutcheon has an outside diameter of 3”, and an inner diameter of just over 1 3/8”.  Also, escutcheon will have to be caulked to wall surface.
80-14152 Standard Sleeve only, each, 10.00 addtocartmini
80-24151 Standard Escutcheon only, each, 7.00 addtocartmini
80-AS10884 Escutcheon/Sleeve set 16.00 addtocartmini


Original Restored “American Standard” Lavatory Faucets


1932-1955 Standard Companion Integral spout faucet only
This is the faucet only for the ceramic (or integral) spout shelfback faucets made by Standard for many years.  If your Standard shelfback sink has a metal spout, this is NOT your faucet.  8” centers, this particular version was a later one that used zinc trim, so we installed one of our retrim kits on it.  Watertested, ready to install!
OF16102 Standard Companion faucet only 450.00 addtocartmini


Late 1950’s /Early 1960’s “Nu Seal” shelfback lavatory faucet
This faucet would have been found on 6” center china (and the occasional cast iron) shelfback sinks made by American Standard during the late ‘50’s through the 1960’s.  This set is distinguished by the circular drain trip lever that rides just behind the spout.  The spout, trip lever, and drain have been freshly chromed, and the hot/cold valves have reproduction trim on them.  This set is ready to install, one only!
OF1741 Standard shelfback faucet set 695.00 addtocartmini


1932 - 1955 Standard Companion sink faucet and drain
This is a fully restored faucet and drain set for Standard “Companion” shelfback sinks made between 1932 and the mid 1950’s.  For this faucet to work on your sink, you MUST have the sink with a ceramic (integral) spout.  Faucet centers are always 8” on this set.  This particular version was one of the later ones, so we installed our retrim kit on it.  Escutcheons and handles are reproduction, everything else is original (except for the tailpiece).  These never last, grab this one quickly.
OF1793 Standard Companion set SOLD

Standard Tub Shower Stems and rebuild kits

Standard Lavatory Stems

Standard Handles, Escutcheons and
Valve Bodies

Standard Lavatory retrim kits and lavatory drain parts

The Name “Standard” is trademarked by American Standard brands.  We use the name “Standard” as to identify the item only, and should not be construed as a warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, that items offered or sold are genuine products of said original manufacturer.


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