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 Sink Closeout!


Le Bijou “CL-2” Console leg kit
It’s amazing what we find in our warehouse.  Le Bijou has been out of business for quite awhile now, so there’s no warranty on this keg kit.  Finish is Brushed Nickel, and this set stands 33 1/2” tall.  Maximum width is 35” on center, and maximum depth is 24” to center of leg.  This set uses 1 1/2” tubing, and it can be cut down.  We will leave that part up to you...  Original retail was $995.00
DI17111 Leg kit 450.00 addtocartmini

San Pablo Travertine Square sink
Carved in Pueblo, Mexico, this is one cool sink.  It’s 14” square and will need to be sealed before use!  No provision for overflow, so you’ll need a C.O. plug type of drain. 
DI13012 Travertine sink was 579.00, Now 250.00 addtocartmini


St. Thomas “Somerton” Drop-in Lavatory Sink
This is a neat little sink.  It’s set up to accept a normal pop-up assembly, but does not have an overflow.  Silver square in photo is sticker warning installer not to overtighten drain.  The sink measures 13 1/2” outside diameter and will require a hole in your countertop with a minimum diameter of 11 1/2”.  Bright white is the color.  St Thomas # 1049.000.01  3 available.  Was $195.00.
DI1431 Somerton sink Closeout 97.50 addtocartmini


St. Thomas “Antigua Petite” Drop-in Sink
The detail lines in this sink really give it that extra charm.  It measures 17 1/2” by 13 1/2” outside diameter and is bright white in color.  Minimum hole diameter is 15 1/2” by 11 1/2”.  Two available, St. Thomas #1002.000.01.  Was $195.00
DI1432 Antigua sink Closeout SOLD OUT


Nickel Plated Copper Round Lavatory sink
This is one shiny sink!  Supplied with plug-type drain, this sink measures 14 3/8” OD and is 6” deep.  Designed to be self rimming, it could also be used in an undermount application.  This sink has the appearance of German Silver, it would fit in nicely in many different decors.
DI1492 Nickel plated sink 250.00 addtocartmini

Bargain Pages

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