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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

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Toilet Seats

Bathroom Machineries wood seats are more like fine furniture than toilet seats. We hand-select the hardwood slabs ourselves before sending them to a local wood shop that specializes in fine furniture.  The unfinished seats are then hand-finished in our own shop using quality stains selected for their rich colors and luster. The finished seats are then fitted with solid brass hinges with our usual attention to quality and detail. The result is a superior quality seat that will last for many years. (Click here to learn more about how these seats are made.)
Available in: Sapele Mahogany, Unfinished Cherry, Unfinished Mahogany, Finished Cherry, Lyptus, and Quarter-sawn Oak.  Unfinished seats are fitted and drilled for hinges and seat bumpers but are shipped unassembled. .

Seat Sizing: Toilet seats come in just two sizes; “round front”, and “elongated.”
  To determine which size you need, measure from the seat bolt holes to the front of the seat.
Round-front seats measure approximately 17” long, elongated seats approximately 19” long.






Sapele Mahogany

Our seats are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for one year. Defective product must be returned within the 1 year time period.  Moisture damage or chemical damage is not covered by warranty.  We will repair or replace defective seats at our discretion.

Click here to learn more about how these premium quality seats are manufactured.

Click on the pics for a larger view.  Remember, color settings on your monitor can affect how these seats appear!

Species of Wood

Round-Front Bowl

Elongated Bowl

Finished Lyptus

76RLF 225.00


Unfinished Lyptus

76RLUF 195.00


Finished Sapele Mahogany

76RSF 330.00

76ESF 345.00

Unfinished Sapele Mahogany

76RSUF Temp. out

76ESUF 215.00

Unfinished Walnut

76RTUF 205.00


Unfinished Birch

76RBUF 175.00


Unfinished Knotty Alder

76RKAUF 195.00


White MDF


76EW 99.00

“B” grade seats are available in some of our Wood seats.  A “B” grade is a perfectly good seat but will have some sort of blemish or knot in the wood.  Check below for seat availability!  25% to 50% off list price!

Species of Wood

Round Front bowl

Finished Cherry


Finished African Mahogany


Finished Lyptus


Note, hinges must be ordered separately.  See Below!

A Note on our Toilet seat Pricing
The volatility of the metals market and the reliability of the hardwood market have forced us to change how we sell our World-Renown toilet seats.  You may now order the seat and lid separate from the hinge.  This will allow the consumer to order new wood to go with their antique hinge, or get a replacement for a damaged part without having to buy the entire unit.

Quarter-Sawn White Oak Seats
One of the reasons that antique furniture often looks superior to reproduction pieces is the wood.  Early in the century, most furniture-grade lumber was quarter-sawn to bring out as much of the wood’s natural beauty as possible. Quarter-sawing however does not produce as much wood from a given tree as other methods and has been pretty much abandoned by today’s sawmills.  When we at Bathroom Machineries discovered a source for premium-grade quarter-sawn/rift white oak, we jumped at the opportunity to produce our world-renowned oak seat from this material.

new quartersawn

Round front

The resulting seats are not only “proper” for period restorations, they are gorgeous! The quarter-sawn oak has an amazing depth of finish with outstanding grain definition. Especially striking are the cross-grain streaks that characterize quarter-sawn furniture; they seem to shimmer from within the wood as the light shifts over the surface of the piece. 

Quarter elong



Round-front Bowl

Elongated Bowl

Finished Quartersawn
White Oak

76RQF 344.00

76EQF 347.00

Unfinished Quartersawn
White Oak

76RQUF 224.00

76EQUF 227.00

Note, hinges must be ordered separately.  See below!

Heavy Solid Brass Toilet Seat Hinge
A Bathroom Machineries exclusive. Cast from a 1920’s original, these heavy hinges are unmatched for style and strength. Includes solid brass or stainless steel screws. Order the seat hinges for all our seats here!  madeusa1


Coated Brass seat hinge




Chrome Plated seat hinge




Polished Nickel seat hinge




Brushed Nickel seat hinge




Uncoated Polished Brass hinge




Budget Solid Brass Toilet Seat Hinge
This one’s not quite as fancy as the above one, but it does the job.  Supplied with all you see in the photo.  Coated brass only, can be used on our seats.
73-134 Solid brass hinge 35.00

White Beadboard MDF Round-Front seat
We were searching for a replacement for our good old white toilet seat, and we discovered this one.  Chrome metal hinge, the MDF is triple-coated for longevity, and the best part of all, the beadboard milling on the lid gives it that vintage appearance.  This seat looks great on our Lydia toilet!  Round front only, supplied with hinge, two finishes available.
70-392C Seat w/ Chrome hinge 34.99
70-392N Seat w/ Nickel hinge 84.99

392 seat

Adult / Child Toilet Seat
Fits The Whole Family!  This new 2-in-1 design provides a  potty chair size seat along with a regular size toilet  seat. It is easy to install, replacing a standard seat.  Eliminates the mess of potty chairs in the bathroom.  Children are comfortably potty trained using the same seat the rest of the family does.
Round front (regular bowl) Seat with a plastic hinge
60-100PW White 35.95
60-101PB Bone 35.95

American Standard 10” Center Seats
This hard-to-find 10” center seat is now available here at Bathroom Machineries!  Made of durable plastic, this seat fits the American Standard “Roma”, “Luxor”, and “Carlyle” model toilets
It measures 17 1/2” wide by 18 3/4” long
70-LC212  183.00

Another version of the above 10” center seat is slightly smaller.  It fits the American Standard “Elisse” model Elongated toilet. It is also plastic and measures 17” wide by 18” long
70-EL270 187.00 


Rubber Specialty Items

Replacement seat bumpers
With screws for secure fastening

20-319 2 1/2” long x 7/8” wide x 3/8” high
black, each 4.95

Tack bumper
20-20 5/8" diameter,  black, each .89
20-61 5/8” diameter, white, each .89

rubber parts new

Door stop bumper
Fits old door stops made of hard white rubber
20-202 5/8" outside  diameter, 7/16" high, white 1.50   

Seat hinge washer, each
20-327 Flat white washer  for bowls with flat surface at hinge bolt hole  1.75 
20-350 Half round white  washer for rounded recessed hinge bolt hole  1.95 


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