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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Wall Hung Sinks

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1937 Crane Neuvogue Console sink
When it comes to lavatory sinks, these are the rarest of the rare.  Designed by Henry Dreyfuss, these were only found in very high-end properties, and the console version was the least common.  This particular sink was been fully restored back to the original chrome finish, and the sink shows hardly any wear.  I could only find two tiny chips, both of which were no larger than a grain of sand.  This sink is 27” wide by 21 1/2” front to back, and it stands 31” tall.  The side towel bars are adjustable in height, and can be set wherever you would like them.  If you are into Art Deco fixtures, they do not come better than this!    Truck freight only, call today for a shipping quote.
WHS16111 Crane Neuvogue sink 9500.00 addtocartmini

1951 Crane Diana Console sinks
Yes, that’s plural!  We have a total of 4 of these beauties.  All measure 27” by 20 1/2” and stand 32” tall on the original lavatory legs.  The pictured one has no chips, even the original plating is nice.  It ain’t perfect, but if you are after a period mid-century piece, this is it.  (especially if you need more than one...)
Truck freight only!  You’ll have a choice in the finish department, either original rebuilt, or restored with fresh plating of chrome.
WHS110700 Original plate Diana 1095.00 addtocartmini
Restored Diana  1595.00 addtocartmini


1914 Crane “Nova” Integral Spout China Sink
Wall mount versions of this sink are unusual.  Click here to see a side view of the sink.  The original porcelain handles are long gone and have been replaced with 1930’s vintage ones.  We’ll be installing porcelain reproduction versions.  There are some scuffs on the front edge, but considering the age....  Sink measures 24” by 20 1/2”, drain will be replated in Nickel.  Truck freight only.
WH091200 Nova sink was 1095.00 Now 821.25 addtocartmini

We have parts for Crane faucets and fixtures.  Click Here

1951 Restored Crane Drexel sink
This sink still sports its original side mount towel bars!  The faucet on this sink has been fully rebuilt, and all the trim pieces have have a fresh plating of chrome.  With the bars attached, the sink is 27” wide, and will extend from the wall 18”.  There’s one chip, but it’s on the front left leading edge, and is visible in the large view.  Nice, mid-century sink!
WHS1579 Crane Drexel sink 1095.00 addtocartmini


1930’s Standard Cast Iron sink
Rarely do we see one of these sinks in this good of shape.  Usually the overflow is rusted away, and there’s enamel coming off around the drain.  This sink is the exception.  Yes, it does have a bit of missing enamel around the apron edge, but that’s really it for condition issues.  There was one large chip on the right rear corner, it has been repaired.  This sink measures 20 3/4” wide by 19” front to back.  It will accept single basin taps or a 12” wide bridge faucet (like our 79-558-12).  Truck Freight only
WHS1561 Standard Sink 325.00 addtocartmini


1951 Crane Oxford China wall-hung sink
Oxfords are always a popular sink with the mid-Century crowd.  This one measures 19” wide and extends from the wall 17”.  Original faucet has been restored in Chrome, and the sink has no chips or flaws.  Grab it quick!
WHS16129 Crane Oxford sink 995.00 addtocartmini


Pre-WW1 “Standard” Cast Lavatory Sink
There’s no date, but the square faucet holes give away it’s early date.  This sink has been badly powdercoated with thin spots on the top of the backsplash, and other pits and flaws everywhere.  Sink measures 19” wide by 17” deep.  Had the sink been done correctly, we’d be asking 500+, but...  Sold AS-IS!
WH0751 150.00 addtocartmini

1927 Crane “Clermont” China Wall hung sink
Fully Restored!  This sink measures 24 1/2” wide by 21” front to back, and has no chips or cracks.  We suspect the faucet was swapped out sometime in the late 1930’s as a 1927 faucet would have had a spout with a lower angle.  The faucet has been restored in the period correct polished nickel, this sink is ready to install.  There is a slight factory flaw, the back of the sink slumps down a bit, leaving the back of the spout about 1/8” away from the porcelain.  This may collect water, and there’s nothing we can do about it.  Truck freight only!
WHS1681 Crane Sink 1095.00 addtocartmini


1912 Tepeco China Wall hung sink
While there aren’t any cracks in this sink, it does have many small to thumbnail sized chips on the sides and back that go along the wall.  Many will be hidden when the sink is caulked onto the wall, but they are there.  It is an early sink, though....  It measures 20 1/4” wide and extends from the wall 18 1/2”.  This sink is perfect for those looking for a budget early sink.  Sink will accept many modern widespread faucets.
WHS15114 Tepeco sink 350.00  addtocartmini

Questions about refinished fixtures? Click here for more Information

Are you Looking for Parts to Repair an Old Faucet or Fixture? Click Here.

Wall Hung Sinks

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Original Antiques are sold in as-is condition. Most items show signs of normal use and  wear. A detailed description of any item is available  upon request.
Condition Guide:  
 Refinished = Fully restored, like new condition.
 Excellent = As nearly new as possible, 90% of original luster or better.
  Good = May have minor chips or finish flaws that do not extend down to base material.
 Fair = Usable. May have rust or chips that extend down to base material.
 Poor = Needs refinishing or repair work.

 All Bathroom Machineries Original Antique toilet bowls, sinks, and fixtures are carefully cleaned, sanitized, water tested, & inspected for the tiniest defects. 
We are not a salvage yard, we are architectural antique restoration specialists
committed to providing  like-new and professionally restored fixtures.


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