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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Antique Pedestal Sinks
Sink materials:
Vintage Pedestal sinks  may be made of earthenware, china, or cast iron. All three  are coated with a ceramic glaze that is fired to give a smooth hard finish. Earthenware  develops a "crackle" finish over time. This was orginally  considered a flaw in the material  but is now a much sought-after look in period restorations. China and cast iron largely  replaced earthenware by the turn of the 20th century; neither is as prone to cracking  as  earthenware. Cast iron is more durable than china but may be prone to chipping and rust.

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1928 “Templeton” Lavatory Sink
This was Standard’s top of the line sink for 1928.  All the faucets and trim have been replated in the original polished nickel finish.  This sink features a “hammered” look to the legs, trap and faucet, this is a high-end look that is rarely seen today.  Click on the above links for close-up photos of each.  The legs are ceramic at the top, hammered nickel in the middle, and feature a glass knob foot.  As for flaws, the only one we could find is at the top rear of one of the porcelain legs, there is a chip the size of a pencil eraser.  It is not visible when sink is assembled.  The slab itself is flawless.  Sinks like this one are extremely rare, this is only the third we’ve had in 39 years.  The sink is 36”


long, front to back is 20”, and it stands 31” tall.  The sink is too big for UPS, it has to be shipped via truck.  Don’t let this one get away!
PS15112 Standard “Templeton” sink 9800.00 reserve

Questions about refinished fixtures? Click here for more Information


1910-ish Oval Cast Iron Pedestal sink
Powdercoat Refinished in Modern White!  This sink is georgeous!  It’s 27 1/2” wide by 19 1/2” front to back and stands 31 1/2” tall.  Will accept modern widespread faucets, but does not have a provision for overflow.  Originally, this sink would have had single basin taps and a standing waste, but those parts are long gone.  The basin measures 14 1/2” wide by 10 3/4” front to back and is 6” deep.  Truck Freight only!
PS13011 Cast iron sink SOLD

1915-ish Cast Iron Double Barber sink
Made by United States Sanitary works, and we think it’s model name was “Devon”.  The square holes indicate it was most likely made before WW1, but there’s no date cast into it.  This powdercoat refinished sink stands 31 3/4” tall, and is 46” long by 26” wide.  The basins are 17” by 12” and the faucet holes are on a 11” center.  We’re planning on mounting a soapdish in the one hole that protrudes through the center of the top.  Metal covers for the overflows will be in your choice of finishes.    There are a few pinholes in the powdercoating from outgassing, but considering the rarity of the sink, they are very minor flaws.  Truck freight only!
PS10400 Antique barber sink  5800.00   addtocartmini02


1903 Tepeco Pegleg Sink
This sink has led an interesting life.  Originally this sink featured a mixing faucet, and sometime in the 1930’s it was “modernized” by cutting the spout off the waste and plugging it, turning it around so the plug faced the backsplash, and then replating it in chrome.  Then, a pair of side lever single basin taps were added.  The sink does suffer from fine watertight cracks all over, and there’s nothing we can do about them.  Faucets will be rebuilt, and can be restored at an additional cost.  The sink stands 30 1/2” tall, and is 30 1/2” wide by 23 1/2” front to back.  Truck freight only!
PS13117 Tepeco sink 1850.00 addtocartmini02

1950’s Standard Pegleg sink
This sink still features it’s original faucet!  The faucet will be rebuilt, and the sink will arrive ready to install. 
It’s 31 1/4” tall, 24 1/4” wide by 20” front to back.  The only flaws we could find were a few minor scuffs on the front edge, but that’s it.  Considering the age, this one’s in excellent condition!
PS13091 Pegleg sink 895.00 addtocartmini02


1911 Monument Pottery Serpentine Pegleg sink
Massive!  It took two of us to set this monster up for its photo.  Sink will require single basin taps as there’s no provision for a mixing faucet.  The sink is 27” wide by 22” front to back and it stands 31 3/4” tall.  There are several chips along the backsplash, most will be hidden when the sink is caulked in place.  There will be a overflow grate in place, plated in your choice of Polished nickel or coated brass.  For 100 years old, this is one nice sink by a less common maker...  Truck freight only!
PS110809 Old Monument Pottery sink 1595.00 addtocartmini02

A note about antique pedestal sink height: You may have noticed that all of the older pedestal sinks on our website are fairly low, around 30” to 32” tall compared to the 34” to 36” height of modern fixtures.  The reasons for this are somewhat fascinating: Not only are people generally in better health and on average taller in this century, the way people use their sinks has changed as well.    
   Many of the things we do standing at the sink today were done sitting down at a makeup table, shaving table, or dressing table.
    Daily bathing was not as common then either; the lavatory was commonly used as a basin for an evening sponge bath or hair washing. In an age when the water heater often had to be lit with a match after a trek to the basement, it was easier to simply pour a teakettle full of hot water into the sink.
   Hair washing was probably the most influencing factor in the style and height of old sinks. The large basins with taps spaced widely apart are perfect for washing hair (no center spout to bump your head on!),  and the low height insures that the water will run down into the basin instead of down one’s neck when bent over the sink.
   As the post-WWI world industrialized and people became more apt to have an “on the go” lifestyle, the ritual of the evening toilet fell by the wayside in favor of daily bathing and a quick shave/ makeup application at the sink.  In response to consumer demand, sink heights began creeping upwards at about an inch per 20 years until reaching their present day heights.

Are you Looking for Parts to Repair an Old Faucet or Fixture? Click Here.

 Vintage Pedestal Sinks
Original  Antiques are sold in as-is condition. Most items  show signs of normal use and wear. Items described as  "refinished" or "excellent condition" are as close to  "new" as is possible. A detailed description of any  item is available upon request.
Condition Guide: 
 Refinished = Fully restored, like new condition.
 Excellent = As nearly new as possible, 90% of original luster or better.
 Good = May have minor chips or finish flaws that do not extend down to base material.
 Fair = Useable. May have rust or chips that extend down to base material.
 Poor = Needs refinishing or repair work.
All Bathroom Machineries Original Antique toilet bowls, sinks, and fixtures are carefully cleaned, sanitized, water tested, & inspected for the tiniest defects. 
We are not a salvage yard, we are architectural antique restoration specialists
committed to providing  like-new and professionally restored fixtures.

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